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    Life span of an eBike

    Haven't posted in a while, my 2 KTMs/bosch mid-drive bought used in 2015 are still going. changed things like brakes, chains etc. Still original batteries. only 2,000 miles. Had to clean the head unit contacts as there were some intermittent issues.
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    Bosch motor won't power up

    Hi, Just add another experience. The speedo part of the display was blank and the motor would not engage, but I could cycle through the modes. Removed the dispaly and cleaned the contacts and all is fine. 2014 Active line.
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    The Largest Haibike Dealer

    Cool, I hope to visit the Malibu store!
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    KTM is seeking eBike ambassadors

    Hey @EddieJ I don't understand the context of the following: "* most recent example, removing rear mech hanger for me from a stock bike, just so that I could have a spare for the Swiss trip. It would have only been a one day wait for one to come in, but they wanted to make sure that I wasn't...
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    Bosch ebike system reliability

    Intersting, but has anyone taken the motor apart? Seems to me to be easily rebuildable. I keep looking for a Youtube vid....maybe I will do it one day. Just not sure Bosch will sell me parts....
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    Bosch ebike system reliability

    What breaks? I would assume bearings.....
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    ktm macina lycan 27 gps+

    Nice to see some new KTM riders! I gave up on Rocket Rons as I was getting too many flats. Using these: Continental Mountain King Wire Bead Mountain Bike Tire I ride slippery rough rocks and asphalt...
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    Bosch Computer just turns off

    I have seen this once and a while. Firstly check the power button is not "wedged" or something to cause intermittent contact. Then remove head united and inspect/clean contacts. Also remove the powerpack and re-install. If that didn't work, I would open the motor cover and re-seat the...
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    EBR's first KTM review!

    Time for me to try again, I can become a KTM Ambassador, maybe that would help. Currently work is killing me so I haven't decided if I should become an Ambassador because of worries about not living up to the obligations.
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    Swiss trip 2016

    Very cool thread, some how I missed it until now. Very inspiring!
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    EBR's first KTM review!

    Cool, a KTM review on EBR. Still enjoying my 2014, no problems!
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    Hubs...current "State of Art" and Hill Climbing....

    Thanks for the input. Cool trip. Btw, I'm afraid you'll need to ride back to the top and retake the picture of the sign post, can't read it
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    Life span of an eBike

    I have a funny story about when to charge, I may have posted before. I can do 3 rides to work and back before needing to charge. One day on the way home, a truck went over the barriers and landed on the bike trail. Sadly the driver was killed and the trail closed. That forced all trail users to...
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    Hubs...current "State of Art" and Hill Climbing....

    Thanks for the info. I take it there is one battery for both motors? How do you control the front hub? Is it independent from the rear hub? Perhaps I should read more about 2wd ... Any links?
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    Hubs...current "State of Art" and Hill Climbing....

    @Cameron Newland Way cool video. I really like my bike, be cool if I could just upgrade the motor, but Bosch won't let me. @Nirmala I think the front hub is interesting, but the front tire gets very light, but maybe with good balance one could get some traction. But where to put the hub battery?