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    Ride Control Firmware

    Hi Alvin1957, Is auto/smart assist mode the same with the new app/firmware that came out a few weeks ago? Ive avoided upgrading from 1.4.2 because I really like auto and heard so many bad things about after that version.
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    Giant Explorer E+ 2 grips

    It might be hard to find. The one that is beside the controller was tucked in under the grip but its on the controller bracket that slides over your grip end. The other side, the screw was way underneath. Some grips lock at the wider part.... the ones on my explorer have the lock screw on the...
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    Ride Control Firmware

    I agree that the software is not up to task and needs serious work but mine and my wife's bikes are just plain excellent. I haven't upgraded to the latest 1.4.5 due to unfavorable remarks about Auto mode (which I currently use and enjoy). As for your current issue Id take it to the dealer...
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    I am at the starting point between these two e-bikes.

    They both look like excellent bikes. Id probably go Cube for the rack and fork. But really, they are both nice bikes and close in spec
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    Bigger pedals

    I tried to find wider pedals for my wife a few weeks ago. Cant really find much in the way of wider. They must exist but probably not under 30 bucks. Maybe change the kickstand to one that mounts futher back. They arent very expensive and simple to install
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    Super Noob Incoming - E-bikes and Batteries

    Interesting looking bike. They have two options for battery niether are 13 or 17 tho. Personally I would ask the seller or dealer what they recommend for compatible options. Just in case of any warranty issues. Just my two cents. Would like to know your thoughts on the bike after you try it...
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    Amego electric bikes

    HI There you may want the check the brand discussion thread. You are likely to get the answers there. I dont own one but know a couple that do. Basically you are getting a very similar bike to many others... have a look at Magnum for example. This doesnt make it a bad bike but do some...
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    RideControl App Issue

    Oh wow... Okay, I will check mine out in a few days. Got me a case of cellulitis on my foot so cant really walk or go for a ride right now. Talk about painful. So whats the consensus... if there is one... should you update the firmware to the latest or just stick with the stock that came?
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    RideControl App Issue

    Sorry for the delay. Had a bit of a health emergency. Anyway, I had read that the new firmware updated the Automatic mode on my explorer and my wifes Lafree. I cant find the info I read at the moment tho so of course I cant prove it :)
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    RideControl App Issue

    To be honest, Im less interested in the App for ongoing purposes as I am the Bike Software/firmware update. My LBS shut down due to covid (well, sold all the stock and shuttered) and the next closest isnt that close so asking them to do it is a bit of a planning event. Also in need of a rack...
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    RideControl App Issue

    Hi Everyone. I have had a my Giant for a while but just decided to try and use the RideControl App as I heard there was an upgrade for my bike. Every time I try to set up an account I get Registration Failed. Unknown Error. Ive tried two android phones... both Samsung. Ive tried it on Wifi...
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    Upgrading my Ebike

    Love my Giant Explorer E+ 2 GTX... its around your price range but its md drive with no throttle. Thats my preferred choice but might not be yours. Thats the Canadian site so likely less expensive in the U.S.
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    Feedback Sport Pro Elite Bike Stand

    I have this stand. Had it for my acoustic bikes prior to getting my ebike. It will hold my Giant Explorer but I always anchor it with a bungee to a pole on my outdoor awning for more stability.
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    Suggestion Dost Drop or Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000

    Big shout out for Velofix... at least here in Ontario, Canada.
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    Rubbing noise while coasting but!....

    Hello Everyone, looking for some advice. I have giant explore e+ Recently it started making a rubbing noise but only when coasting and only when my right pedal is in the down position. If I switch and coast with left pedal down but the right pedal up noise is gone. I recently had the brakes...