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    Rolling a mini

    My "older" mini (2018) spends a lot of time folded in my Subaru Crosstrek and has been all over the country (I have a couple of other bikes that I can also get in, but the mini is the easiest). The 2018's supposedly were a little lighter. But remove the seat and battery and that cuts 8-9#'s...
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    Ride1Up Roadster V2 Reviews

    Maybe everyone knows this by now, but the Roadster will later this year have a battery extender. I did reach out to them to ask if the whole extender could added if needed for longer runs AND then removed when not needed (the battery is...
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    Ok so about the regen and the 0mph when coasting.

    Ummm - why do people buy this ebike? Really?
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    Does Oregon and Minnesota allow speed pedelecs???

    Ken M:
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    Went on a little spending spree

    Or use these - made for Rads.
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    Any pointers loading XP into back of SUV

    Yes Taylor57, I do this all of the time with my Subaru Crosstrek and a Radmini.
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    Yamaha unveils new full-suspension electric mountain bike

    The Moro ($4499) and Moro Pro ($5499) are on their site now.
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    Rad Rover handle bar end mirror suggestions/reccomendation

    ^ Agree with Graysco242. I have them on my ebikes. Seem sturdy and can be taken on and off with ease.
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    RadMini4 or Sondors Fold XS ?

    I have a "old" 2018 Radmini and really like it for certain applications. It is really a very easy bike to ride - almost too easy. It fits in the back of my Subaru Crosstrek great. It's heavy but even though I'm only 155#'s - no problem lifting it in. But then I've lifted weights for over 50...
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    Announced: Yamaha Civante - 28mph

    Actually the Neo 1 (which I like) is class 1. But - my question is why would Yamaha not put their PW-X2-45 motor on this bike as opposed to the older PW-SE? At 1# less in weight plus an extra level of assist. Anyone know - Yamaha dealers?
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    This is why I like my older 2018 Radmini (I have other ebikes as well). And yes I actually fold it and take it with me - either in my Jeep for forest roads or in my Crosstrek. South Beach (Newport, OR) - 6 miles of uninterrupted beach riding. Oregon's beaches are all public - NO private...
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    Protective Bike Gloves

    Those RDX's should last forever. I've lifted for well over 50 years and still have some 20+ year old Harbinger's. You almost can't wear out the palms. And I have used them with my bikes a couple of times - work fine. Won't give you as much knuckle protection as a motorcycle glove (Freetoo...
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    Planning your route

    Gaiagps is another option.
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    Prison Blues jeans. Made by inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute in Pendleton, OR. I think they even source the 14.75 oz denim from the USA. Little over $30.
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    Powerful hill climber at the $1500 price point?

    Respectfully disagree with rich c. I have a 2018 Radmini - so can't speak to the Rover. But I understand your terrain and the type of roads you're talking about. I live in Oregon, and the mini is always folded in the back of my Jeep and I ride it mostly on remote forest roads in the Cascades...