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    Dash Commuting Report -- 1 year and 5,000+ miles(long post)

    You definitely have to stay on top of the clearance adjustment for best performance where as hyrdo's self adjust... but pad wear is no different. I liked the build & feel of Haibike's the best when I tried them last year except at the time they didn't have any 28mph bikes available (and the...
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    Dash Commuting Report -- 1 year and 5,000+ miles(long post)

    My routine is I always swap batteries mid ride (even now in the warm weather). This is to keep them from being run down more than needed. I keep one charger at work and one at home and I charge both batteries at each end. In the warm weather I can trade more speed for battery usage, but...
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    Dash getting center drive?

    417Wh -- same as the previous Dash Models. A mid-drive might coax more out of the battery. Agree though that it would have been nice to see something bigger like the other in-frame batteries from specialized (up to 691Wh) or stromer st-2 (914Wh) or st-2 s(983Wh)
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    Dash Commuting Report -- 1 year and 5,000+ miles(long post)

    You could consider this the long-term follow up to Yesterday marked one full year of commuting w/ the E3 Dash, so I figured I'd put up a summary of the last year. Some random stats: 5,114...
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    2016 changes
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    Dash fender question to you Currie folks, please?

    This isn't really a big issue on the dash since the caliper is mounted on the chain stay vs the seat stay. I swapped out a number of old racks I had when figuring out what I wanted to use and they all fit ok
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    iZip E3 Peak: kickstand recommendations?

    The likelihood of a bicycle having a kickstand is inversely proportional to its price
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    second battery

    So if any of you are looking for ways to carry a second battery (Dash or Peak, but might work for some others), it turns out that the performance metro transit is pretty close to a perfect fit. I was looking for the smallest basic bag (already have panniers for storage) that would hold the...
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    second battery

    I didn't use the Ah capacity from the diags as I read previously that it was not too accurate. What I did was take the average % value remaining for each battery over several rides and used that to calculate an approximate range if I used each battery to exhaustion... the old battery came out to...
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    second battery

    So after a few days of riding comparing my original battery w/ the new one, it looks like the original battery around 15% less capacity than the brand new one under similar riding conditions.
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    second battery

    Oh absolutely -- I didn't want to make it sound like the $ was my only consideration. I'm much happier on the bike than in the car or train.
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    second battery

    Actually the cold weather hasn't really seemed to have much impact at this point, I've had more reserve left on some of the low 30's days vs the 50's days for example, it's a combination of factors (tires are one, more stuff packed in the panniers to account for weather variation, etc), but I...
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    second battery

    I was hoping to go a bit longer before getting a second battery, but the original has dropped in it's charge capacity enough that I no longer have a consistent 10% buffer for my commute. I figure it's fully exhausted PAS1 range at the moment is around 25mi . The added drag of the winter tires I...
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    Anyone know who makes these?

    looks similar to Otocycles , but could be custom.
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    2013 path

    The bike is not too heavy, it's just a bad wheel build. A wheelbuilder that knows what he's doing will be able to set the wheels up no problem. Mine was crap too as it came new also so I had the wheels redone by another LBS after the first week and I haven't had to touch a spoke in 1600 miles...