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    Model Year 2021 S-Works Turbo Creo SL - Release Date?

    Betcha it needs a firmware upgrade.
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    LOL. Funny I’ve been thinking about fenders. Winter is coming, and for me that’s the wet season. Most of the trails will be closed soon, so new tires for the road are my current obsession.
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    Skinny higher pressure tires make a difference

    Welcome to the world of using bicycle tires! They effect the feel and efficiency in ways that most people don’t expect. Have fun experimenting with the pressure ranges to adjust your ride feel. Maximum pressure isn’t always the most efficient. I’ve used the gator skins in 28 and find 70 psi to...
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    I’ve put a few miles in on WTB Riddlers 700x45c. I Would advise to use only for super dry conditions as you have zero mud clearance. But they fit.
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    Turbo CREO Comp SL - XS (Updated pics)

    Looks great. Curious if you can post front or rear facing photos to see the clearance between tires and frame/fork. I too have a small in this color.
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    2021 Creo Road Remote?

    Love the colors
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    Alternative Shifters

    Can you manage the brake? You can control both with one lever with some parts. Here’s an example: Looking at the two bikes you mentioned, I would go...
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    Has anyone increased their front sprocket size? Any concerns or issues?

    The cheapest way to approach this is to change the rear freewheel to as small of a cog as you can fit, then up the chainrings/crankset if you can push harder at 70-90 cadence. I see some 7 speed free wheels available on Amazon that go to 11, but you will also need specialized tools to do the job...
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    Mission Control - Creo rider power vs motor power

    I’ve seen the motor report 300+. Like 302 or something. Really pulls on the battery power. I mostly use that for home/headwind situations. I have range anxiety, so 0,1,2 is what I use most of the time. 3 is just adding that 280-300 watts without consideration of your input (100% motor always on...
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    Why no discussions about clipless pedals on ebikes

    At this point, I almost feel awkward riding without clipless. In the 1980’s my Miyata “One-ten” was a blast with metal toe cages. Pull the strap hard and you are locked in. This is how I learned the necessity of planning ahead. In the 90’s Power grips came out, and gave a good tight fit that...
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Wolf tooth components makes a double water bottle holder that I am trying out. I also bought their “b-rad2” to move the bottle location. Works OK, but needs some tweaks. I also use a handlebar bag from Moosetracks on Amazon. This...
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Take a look at this screenshot from bike gear calculator. Those #’s will get you to 28.2 mph. I guessed your tire size and crank arm length. Free download. It’s interesting to play with. Take a look.
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    You are riding 2” balloon tires on a Creo? I dont think it will fit a 50+.
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Yes, but if you can’t spin a 48/11 up to 28 mph, you will not be able to go faster on the same ride with a 50 tooth. The power needed goes up to get a higher speed at lower cadence not down. The machine only adds what it can, you do the rest. Focusing on getting your cadence up to 70-90 zone...