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    Hi @Ebikehokie Contact our Tech Department and they can run through a few diagnostic / examinations with you to help figure out what may be going on. Depending on purchase date they may be able to help with reduced cost on a replacement as well or 1-800-646-8604 press 2
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    2019 Pedego Ridge Rider 20mph limiter - easiest hack around this?

    @legendkurado Sorry about the late reply! The industry has been wild. Right now we do not have plans for this upgrade on the Trail Tracker.
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    Pedego ships wrong parts - again. Can not ride bike during peak season

    Hi @JohnMcD & @Deacon Blues If you can provide me with Ticket Numbers or the Pedego Dealer you each are respectively working with I would be happy to look into this to help you get the issues resolved ASAP. Can you reach me at or on here if needed. Thanks!
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    Chief Product Manager - Pedego

    Chief Product Manager - Pedego
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    Pedego Stretch Back Wheel

    I know this is not the most luxurious resolution, but taking a file and removing some of the paint in the dropout (if there is any) may also help resolve this issue.
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    Pedego Stretch Back Wheel

    Hi @Perfectagain Are you removing the lock washers when you are taking the rear wheel out, or are you leaving them in the dropout during this process? I know leaving them in while you pull the wheel out can contribute to making this process more difficult.
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    Pedego latch maximum weight limit

    Hi @HvR We list 250lbs for our bikes, but in reality you can exceed this without issue (above 300 may produce breaking spokes, I would suggest you keep a spoke wrench handy or make sure you have a Dealer perform tune ups every few months if you are to ride consistently) Currently Mag Wheels...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Pedego Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Hi @John from Portage, I want to make sure you are enjoying your Pedego. Please send me an email or call me - or 1-949-205-9975 and I would be happy to address any ongoing issues you have to make sure you are delighted!
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    New to forum, not to Pedego bikes

    @Perfectagain Yah! I'll send over an image of the setup later tonight.
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    Chain slap on my Shimano SLX M 7000 Interceptor: Platinum Edition

    Hi @Steve5767 Check out adjusting the"B"set screw on the derailleur, this will put more tension on the chain! Below is a link to a Park Tool Derailleur Adjustment video that starts at the "B" set screw adjustment.
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    New to forum, not to Pedego bikes

    Hi PerfectAgain We make purpose fit Stretch Pannier Bags now! :) (The link description is wrong, but the page is correct)
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    Spring 2020 Ebike Reliability Survey Results

    Hi Deacon, contact our Tech Dept (1-800-646-8604) and we will get that power cycle issue resolved. It is a sleep miscommunication bug that we have since fixed. As for the trip meter, a software update on the display will resolve that. If you cycle through the display settings does it show a C...
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    Pedego Pedal Assist

    Hi @BoBaBouhy Adjustments were made on the controller software architecture to ensure pedal assist power is continually given as the battery SoC drops. This means that on old software when your battery SoC level was dropping during riding your top speed was reduced, the new software the power...
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    Torque Sensor Delay

    Hi Everyone, If you feel that your torque sensor may not be working correctly it may just need a little adjustment. The angle that the bottom bracket toque sensor sits in the BB may be off a bit, which can mess the signal up. Take it into your local dealer or call the support line @...
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    2019 Pedego Ridge Rider 20mph limiter - easiest hack around this?

    Hi Everyone, I was just reading through the posts. To provide some clarify/information/updates! 1. We restricted the top speed to 20MPH to adhere to federal regulation to meet class 1+2 requirements for eBikes in the United States on public land. 2. 28MPH / Class 3 Ridge Rider Upgrade will...