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    Catrike’s latest Bosch-powered electric recumbent bike

    I converted my catrike to e-assist a couple years ago with a system from Electric Bike Outfitters. I went with a 350w rear hub motor (the Bosch system is a midrive), 48 amp battery and throttle. So far it’s been a great system and for me, worth the cost. And yeah, for my model catrike purchased...
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    Please Suggest Most Comfortable Saddle

    Most comfortable saddle - a recumbent trike :)
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    Segway to stop production

    That is an amazing device, it should not have taken so long, or cost so much, but so glad you were able to get this for your son, I’m sure it will be a game changer for him.
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    Rider made a comment yesterday on the trail

    I find the best way to ignore the idiots is to put my earbuds in and crank the music, I don’t hear any comments 🙂 I am 60, with a leg problem. I had power assist added to my trike last year and now I can ride 4-5 times a week on the trails with no problem. I’m not in a race, I average 10-12...
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    Brake light kit for a hitch mount bike rack?

    You can pick up a trailer light bar on amazon pretty cheap, you would just need to figure a way to mount it.
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    Go ahead. Name my e-trike. I dare you!

    Mine is a green trike too, never thought of naming it, now I am.
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    My partner works as an occupational therapist in a hospital and we have been living apart for almost a month now. She is, so far, healthy and we have no friends or colleagues infected yet (that we know of). I still see way too many people out and about. Our cases here continue to rise but only...
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    Where Is It Legal To Ride Under Covid-19 Restrictions

    Keep in mind, this is rural west virginia, with many people out of work and there will be many hunters in the woods and unfortunately many of them drink. Our rule here is to not let the dog outside alone during hunting season, the tend to get shot.
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    Where Is It Legal To Ride Under Covid-19 Restrictions

    I plan on loading up my trike and heading to a WMA to ride. There is never anyone there and I won’t be near any other people so I don’t see an issue with doing that. I did go to a gas station a few days ago. I disinfected the pump, the handle, the touchpad, everything, then sanitized my hands...
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    Street vs trail ?

    Same here in WV. We have very few bike trails in my area, just a couple multi-use trails and they are over cowded. No way to stay safe when constantly having to pass people and our roads tend to not have shoulders and no bike lanes. I am going to check out a WMA near me, haven’t been there in...
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    Anyone Heard About A New Federal Regulation for Ebikes In the C&O Canal National Historic Park ??

    I ride my power assist trike on the c&o in MD and WV without issue. It is class 2. The only signs posted on the trail restrict motorcycles. I’ve been riding that trail fo 20 years and have never seen park service police on the trail. It is a pretty remote area though. I sometimes think people...
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    I ride a recumbent trike. I use a clear vinyl backpack to cover the left grip where the display and throttle are mounted. I made a rear wheel cover to protect the hub motor and i wrap the battery mount connection in plastic. I always keep the display covered when driving regardless of the...
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    Transporting A Trike

    I have the Hitchrider model TB1-2SBP that holds my catrike plus a regular bike. I’ve never had any issue with the extra weight. My trike, without the battery is approx. 46 lbs. The other bike is probably another 25. The rack itself is 52 and is rated to hold much more weight than I carry. I also...
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    Finally, pics of the e-Catrike

    I was finally able to grab a few pics of the cat with the new EBO system installed. Loving this thing!
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    Catrike conversion complete

    Court has done several reviews ln EBO that I found helpful. The EBO website has a list of their vendors. I went to My Trike Spirit on Long Island. A long way from home for me but worth it. Good luck.