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    Suggested frames and beginning materials

    Hello sirs, I have tried to search for other peoples suggestions, but was not able to find reliable recommendations. I have an X1 Pro Gen1 system coming this summer and I would like feedback or comments on a suitably reliable frame for this motor combo. I have talked to a few folks from my...
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    CrossCurrent S - New Model

    Hi folks, just wondering about the CrossCurrent S for people who get it with just stock/standard settings. Their web site does not detail a charger of any kind, or at least presently I am not able to see information about any kind of charger included in the base price of $1699. Does anyone...
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    Need help deciding between Voltbike Mariner and Magnum Classic

    I am also considering the Mariner. Just sitting on the fence at the moment and have watched every Youtube video made (as of July 12). Some good, come bad. Had considered the eJoe and Magnum 48v but still leaning toward the Voltbike Mariner.
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    Magnum Premium Folding Bike 500w

    Hello, I have tried to search the forum and I did not find anyone with experience with this folding e-bike. I am considering this e-bike but would like to do some research on it first. I have read the review from early 2017 here on EBR of the bike and I'd also like to hear from any actual...
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    Voltbike Mariner (tyre swap)

    I am also interested in tire replacements for the Mariner. I am having a hard time for finding 20inch replacement tires/tubes. Does anyone know if we can use something like a 20 inch x 2.35 inch tire or something like a 20 x 2.135 inch tire?
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    Turbo: The World's First $249 Electric Fat Bike

    Campaign suspended for trust and safety issues.