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    Radwagon dead after 1000 miles

    It is not only the cheaper end bikes that can have a problem with rain - read my story with the Stealth Bomber (Stealth section), if you are bored. I have been caught in...
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    Changes to my RadRover

    excellent, thanks vincent - - do you know what make of handlebar?
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    Changes to my RadRover

    regarding this: I contacted RadRover regarding changing out the handlebar stem, as I wanted something with a bit of rise in it. They stated "Unfortunately, we don't recommend replacing the handlebar stem, as doing so could put too much stress on the wires and cables running up to the handlebars...
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    Joining the Stealth Bomber riders

    as Cory151 said.... be careful not to get it wet in the rain...
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    RAD Power Bikes (RPB) - The Company

    I have had a number of ebikes. Even buying an OEM bike doesn't guarantee a level of reliability or service - if the dealer is merely a supplier, or doesn't undertake repairs on the bike, you can have the same issues. (Edit) - the above is not meant to reflect anything bad on RadRover - the bike...
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    An update on my life: BBSHD 52V Radrover & "Frankenbike"

    walawn, If the Mongoose has the RR battery, motor , wheels etc - how can it be 40lbs lighter than the stock RR? Are you saying this is the difference in frame weights, or am I misunderstanding something?
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    Rad Power, how is it so in-expensive

    I have had a couple of ebikes, including a Stealth Bomber, BH Xtrem, BH Neo, and a RadRover. Very impressed with the RadRover - has proven to be more reliable than some much more expensive bikes, it is very good quality. Doesn't have the torque sensor of the BH bikes, or the power of the...
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    My experience with Stealth Electric Bikes and the Stealth Bomber

    the bike for the mid drive is a Iron Horse G Spot - was going to put it on a Montague MX, but I wanted disc brakes. I looked at the Jumper, but the Xtrem is for street riding, and I wanted a bit power (750W) for off road for the full suspension bike. Haibikes look stunning... but very expensive!
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    My experience with Stealth Electric Bikes and the Stealth Bomber

    thanks Court: yes, a bit annoying to be able to get a demo bike at a reduced rate, and then lose 000's over the next year! I have just (yesterday) bought a BH Xtrem, and am planning to build (have built for me!) a dual suspension MTB with the Bafang mid-drive. The experince hasn't put me off...
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    My experience with Stealth Electric Bikes and the Stealth Bomber

    In September 2012 I bought a Stealth Bomber from a Stealth Dealer in Western Australia. This bicycle was a demonstration model, which had been built I believe towards the end of 2011. Unfortunately, in July 2013, the bicycle stopped working. I had been riding, and was caught in a downpour; I...