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    Hello all! Bent rider in southeast PA

    Thank You Ann! It is always great to see your wonderful support since the Tidalforce days. Best, Rakesh
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    Hello all! Bent rider in southeast PA

    Dear Mr. Nelson, Thank you for your interest in Falco. Mr. Harry forwarded this thread to me. I thought it necessary to clarify few points as you have some knowledge about Falco. I am afraid to say that Your facts are incorrect and outdated about Falco. That Dealer you refer to was a great...
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    Using Falco software for updates and speed settings

    MLB, There is an ability to adjust current settings and various assist levels. Those can be adjusted to lower the heating. 500W system can deliver output power of much higher than that. These motors are designed to enhance your cycling through pedal assist functions. Please send us an email...
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    falco 750hx torque settings

    The following settings are recommended after torque calibration sequence: Base torque can be kept at 3 (Not more than 3); Reduce turn ON speed and Turn on Delay by 50%; Set Torque Multiplier at 12. Those settings should do the trick.
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    Water resistance

    Bud, 2017 and earlier models of the console are not water-proof. So a small plastic wrap around them is recommended if you anticipate rain. 2018 models are waterproof and can be ridden in the rain.
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    Communication issue IDK

    Hello Bud, First and foremost with 2017 models and earlier, a calibration procedure is to be carried out. The calibration procedure can be found out here: and here: The calibration requires two steps...
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    Falco eMotors announces 2018 Models of Hx eAssist Hub with Integrated Speed and Torque Sensors

    2018 models introduce several significant upgrades to the Hx eAssist motor platform. Falco had introduced 2017 models last year with substantial upgrades of freehub and the new torque sensor for freehubs. 2018 models include an integrated speed sensor which adds additional capability to the...
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    Falco eDrive: the e-bike system that doubles as an indoor trainer

    Hello Mark, We always encourage strong validation. Here is a guy who get 75 miles to a charge in level 3 regularly. Best, Rakesh
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    Falco eDrive: the e-bike system that doubles as an indoor trainer

    The 100-mile range is achievable at level 1 because of the high efficiency of the 5-phase technology. Obviously, the range is affected by many factors but the range number can be reproduced quite easily, and under non-ideal conditions, Trike riders have reported range numbers close to 80 miles...
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    Falco eDrive: the e-bike system that doubles as an indoor trainer

    Regen functionality is not equivalent to indoor training. When we refer to indoor training, we refer to the same level of training as done by serious cyclists using trainers such as TACX, BKool, Wahoo etc. and being able to connect with virtual training apps such as Zwift and have access to...
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    How do you enable the "off-road" speed?

    Here are some links: Falco Interface 1.4.3: For 2016 Models, Use eBike Labs 1.5.5:
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    where the he!! can I find Falco interface v.1.4.3?

    Here are some links: Falco Interface 1.4.3: For 2016 Models, Use eBike Labs 1.5.5:
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    Falco Frustration

    Dear Susan: Thank you for sharing this with me. I apologize for this inconvenience. Your order is scheduled to ship this Friday. We will send you the tracking info as it ships. We are in the process of overhauling a number of policies and procedures. Our standard lead time from Falco is 2 to 4...
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    Falco Frustration

    Hi Snug: We are running slightly behind on our order filling especially on the 750W motor with the 48V, 11.6Ah (556Wh) batteries. Your order was for 26" wheel and it was accidentally built into a 700c wheel. Unfortunately, all of our last shipment is completely sold out as soon as it arrived...
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    My Falco 750 W HX motor kit

    James: Thanks for the comments and feedback. Our new setup with the downtube batteries would be ready to ship in 8 weeks' time. A lot of new upgrades and features coming up.