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    F/S Kinekt BodyFloat Seatpost. 31.6 Perfect SOLD

    Selling my BodyFloat Seatpost in as new condition. 31.6 diameter, 420 mm length. Set up with orange springs along with the standard black springs. Used for my Stromer for about 200 miles. Not a single mark on it, still looks brand new including the packaging. Paid $249.95 + $16.00 for the...
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    Chain ring tooth selection

    When you replace the 40T chain ring with a 48T chain ring does the chain need to be replaced with a longer length ? ( Vado 4.0 ) Thanks
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    Mission Control App will not connect

    Success !! I am finally able to connect. I went in to my Iphone Bluetooth settings and had it forget device ( Bike ) . I then started all over and entered the new pin number and everything is working now. Thanks again for the suggestions from all of you.
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    Mission Control App will not connect

    I’ve continued to try to connect with no success. I’ve even tried my IPad. The Bluetooth shows connected to the bike but the App still will not connect. With the stores on lockdown I’ll probably have them look at it when they reopen. Thanks for everyone’s help so far.
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    Mission Control App will not connect

    Hoping to get some assistance. I’ve used the search function with no luck. I just picked up my Turbo Vado 4.0. I’ve installed the app on my IPhone XS which should be ok. The app finds my bike and I entered the PIN number hopefully correctly. The app shows “connecting” but times out and...
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    Picked up 2 Vado 4s today

    My wife and I just picked up a pair of Turbo Vado 4s today, great bikes and my wife is really excited to go riding again. it was nice that Specialized is having a sale so that we could help support their dealers during the current lockdown. Looking forward to many enjoyable miles...
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    OX 250104 Error Code

    Ravi Thanks a million for the tip. My rear wheel was slightly loose. Tightened it up with my hex tool and everything seems to be back to normal. So relieved. :) Mike
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    OX 250104 Error Code

    Thanks for the reply Ravi. I’ll try that and post the result. Mike
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    OX 250104 Error Code

    Just wanted to add more information. If I turn on the power, lift the rear wheel off the ground and move it by hand it will spin to a very high RPM instantly, pretty unsettling. I had to grab the rear brake to stop it.
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    OX 250104 Error Code

    Hoping for some help here before I contact my dealer. My ST1X has less than 700 miles on it and now has the error code shown above. When I power on the bike and roll it forward it self powers for an instant which sets the code. As the rear wheel rolls it also makes a rubbing sound partially...
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    Discounts on Stromer 2017 models

    Just picked up a new ST1X with the upgraded battery. Regular price $5500. Paid $3750. Loving this bike !!
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    Omni App problems

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll stop by the dealer tomorrow to check the status. They were probably busy yesterday with their Black Friday sale.
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    Omni App problems

    i just purchased a new ST1X yesterday, amazing bike but having problems with the app. I’ve downloaded the app to my iPhone and enter my email address to create a new account but have not received a reply with a password. I’m wondering if it takes a while to receive the email to proceed with...