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    How many of you park inside the home?

    Yup, it's either parked in my house, or in my office, even though I haven't bothered to clean the bike in years.
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    Why buying a Stromer?

    Yes. I haven't used it, but on my ST2, the computer has 3 assist modes, 1, 2, and 3, and the 2nd one you can (or could, last I checked) customize the speed and other things (see image). I don't know if the new Stromers and apps are the same, or how well it works. I don't even have the app on my...
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    Why buying a Stromer?

    Come on man... are you just trolling?! Here's an ebike segment (attached image, not the link) that I ave 28mph for 1:24 on my Stromer ST2 that already had 10,000+++ miles on it at this point (I no longer commute this way). Yes, this is a 3%+ ave grade.You can go look yourself, it's a public...
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    Why buying a Stromer?

    That's me! Thanks!
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    Why buying a Stromer?

    Why a Stromer, for me? towards the end of 2015, I had just burned out my 3rd motor in my Focus ebike, after less than 4,000 total miles. I was once again left motorless on much of my 20 mile 1-way commute, which was hell, on that heavy, inefficient bike. I was ready to throw it in the trash once...
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    How many miles do you have on your ebike?

    Stromer ST2 15,814 miles as of today. All commuting and carrying a load (clothes, tools, gear). I bought it the end of 2015. Here are the stats by year, starting with 2016. My commute has gotten shorter and I work from home more. Anyone who isn't into nerdy data, sorry, please ignore haha...
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    A car replacement? YES!

    Thanks Crazy Lenny, you rock :) I tried to make the video relate to the average person in a similar situation. The average person living 20 miles outside the city, and commuting daily into the city, likely has a family, living in the suburbs, with a larger vehicle to hold the family. They also...
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    What is your average speed on your ST2

    TOTALS: 111,161 ft total climbing 2239.7 miles total according to cycling head units 2209.4 Total miles according to Stromer's internal GPS/computer 96.9 hrs total time according to Strava AVERAGES: 23.11 MPH average speed according to Strava/Garmin/Wahoo (all moving time) 22.9 MPH average...
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    Hub Motor Vs Mid-drive comparison

    hahah yeah the power meter pedals aren't cheap, around $1100 USD. The best option, if you wanted to monitor your own power, in regards to bang for the buck, with good quality/accuracy, would probably be the Stages crank arm. I believe the ST2 uses FSA BB30 175mm, so you could get this one...
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    Hub Motor Vs Mid-drive comparison

    I got over 2k miles on the motor it came with, the replacement didn't make it 1k miles and they did the same thing when they went out. When the 2nd one went, I sent an email, but only gave it a couple of days and really needed my bike. I still had the 1st motor, so I took t apart to see if I...
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    Hub Motor Vs Mid-drive comparison

    Hey guys, glad you liked it! The 418W was just my power. Both bikes had their assist maxed and motor assist reading max the whole time (except the Focus shifting). I did much more than that, I took temp readings and documented it all with pics but I completely destroyed my phone by accident the...
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    Batteries, how much life do they have, and how hard is it to carry a second one?

    Okay, this is an ugly area to try and get into because there are way too many factors involved like: -Wind resistance (how aero you and the bike are as well as current/average wind conditions) -Weight -# of stops -Hills -Temperature -Motor/wheel (mid drive vs hub, windings RPMs and what it's...
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    Indiegogo - Down in Flames

    The LMX build is all here:
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    Please disregard this post

    While not as powerful as it once was, an rss feed still has its use. As far as SEO, rss subscription activity is going to help your over-all footprint as an indicator of interest and loyalty to the site/brand, which will indirectly help authority. But for direct SEO authority, the main benefit I...
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    Please disregard this post

    Caution, my post may be an annoying TMI, intended to be an FYI lol... There are definitely negatives to adding additional forum sections that aren't consistently active, as well as don't have content to launch them with. In my experience (as a guy who has founded multiple forums with the...