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    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    The backlight on my display is broken again. My dealer told me that the display is only covered for 12 months warranty and, even though it was replaced as faulty about 6 months after I bought the bike, the warranty is from the date of purchase not the date of replacement and if I want to replace...
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    Charging Turbo to Full Capacity

    Yes, my small chargers do this too. What I do is unplug the mag connect on the bike if the light is flashing and then reconnect it. Usually the second attempt produces a steady light. This is when I know it is charging correctly. It won't always flash on first attempt but it often does. I don't...
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    Tire pressure

    I used to always run 65psi with the stock slicks that came with the base Turbo as I thought that was the highest they could go. I've since put Marathon Plus HS440's on and, although they can take a higher psi of around 85, it still feels more comfortable to have them at around 60-65psi.
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    Charging Turbo to Full Capacity

    Yes, that would be consistent with my experience as I have 2 of the new, smaller chargers with my base Turbo, the shop still uses their older finned charger I believe. Mine also drops pretty quickly (within about 100m of the house) to 96 or 94% but the battery usage seems to then slow down over...
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    Charging Turbo to Full Capacity

    AFAIK the display on the bike only shows 100% for a moment when it is charging - you need to be there to see it happen, then once the charge cycle finishes and it switches off, the display will only show 98% the next time you turn it on. I thought it was a fault and reported it as such when I...
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    Tyres for the Turbo

    To be honest, I really don't know if it is due to a thinner tyre or the hardness of the rubber compound/tyre pattern. I too really liked the stock slick tyres but the tiny glass pieces just kept worming their way through, as well as small pins/pieces of metal etc. I didn't really fancy having to...
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    Tyres for the Turbo

    I bought a pair of Marathon Plus HS 440 700cX38 tyres to replace my worn out Specialised 700cX45 slicks (after approx 4000kms) that came with the base Turbo as they were getting punctured once a month and it was costing me so I decided to replace them with something more puncture resistant. The...
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    2016 Turbo S vs 2016 Stromer St2

    Hey bazzapage, you're in Auckland eh? Where did you buy the koolstop brake pads from as I want to change the stock pads on my base Turbo for these. Cheers :)
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    Musings on the impact of speed on range

    Well I actually thought the opposite and I'll try to explain why. Normally I commute about 18-20km each way and this uses anywhere from 40-50% of the charge (from full, 98%) depending on wind direction. This is on mixed hills and flat with a total climb of ~150m and a total descent of ~200m...
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    Some unusual accessories

    Nah, I've still got the stock saddle on, some ergon grips and the mudguard/rack kit.
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    Some unusual accessories

    There seems to be a few of us Turbo owners in Auckland eh? It's not my bike though :)
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    Differences between Turbo and Turbo S motor

    That's really interesting bazzapage. Do you know if it is possible to purchase a Turbo S (500W) wheel separately to just upgrade the base Turbo?
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    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    3200kms since buying the base Turbo 2015 in February 2016 (with 6 weeks off recovering from a crash!)
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    I can notice a slight front wheel wobble tendency even whilst holding the bars because I have the rack and panniers loaded and I feel like the whole bike is weighted much more at the back.
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    Any Winter Turbo Riders?

    I've been riding all winter here in Auckland, NZ - which is now - and the stock, slick tyres are great in all conditions on the road so far. I sometimes feel like there's a little drift going round a corner downhill at 50-60km/h when it's wet so I just use the brakes and temper my speed down to...