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    Hay there . Anyone have any experience with this ? Thanks
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    Hi all. I have been looking at a Felt outfitter as a hunting - fishing - trail bike . I came across the Surface 604 Boar on the net . Will the rear hub motor hold up to hard trail use ? thank you
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    Ordered Outfitter!

    Sounds good . I hope too have mine here and seat up for the opener of Maryland hunting in 2 weeks . Than I am going to the Adirondacks for deer and bear . I am hoping I can find some Vermont and Adirondack ponds were it is lea-gel to use it to take my flot tube or tow my kayak into . I am...
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    Ordered Outfitter!

    Hay there . How is it going with your outfitter ? I have one on order .
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    Hi all . is there a trailer that workes with the OutFitter? thank you