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    2018 Haibike trekking 6.0... 500mi. report

    At about 1800 miles the smoke has pretty much shut down riding for me so I have time for a quick update. Battery is doing fine. The bike overall has not had any problems. It is due for a tune soon. I had been a little hard on it on forest roads but no single track, it is holding up okay but is...
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    2018 Haibike trekking 6.0... 500mi. report

    Oops, I have the high stem and that is why a bottle holder can fit
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    2018 Haibike trekking 6.0... 500mi. report

    I am currently using a camelback but when I do add a holder I will put it on the seat tube, something like...
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    745Whr replacement batteries + 7A charger from E-bike Vision

    Potentially great news, has anyone here actually used one?
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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    About to put up the bike for the year for a medical procedure but got several hundred more miles in and some more observations. Next year I will try a fix for the front fender. Seems like every little rock makes a noise that is unnecessarily alarming. As a very large biker who uses it on...
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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    I mean a remote switch on the handlebars like my MTB
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    New to the ebike world and would love your opinions!

    I would rather buy a bike that I will ride a lot and that will last a long time. Having an LBS makes it easier to maintain and a throttle to get you moving sound like things that will allow you to ride more. Rad seems like they are going to make it (many brands won't) and they seem to be holding...
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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    The Haibike seat has a couple screws to connect the seat to the supports. One came off after a wrestling match getting two ebikes on the bike rack so I finally bothered to change my seat to a comfort one that I had lying around. What a nice difference! Inertia kept me from doing it earlier and I...
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    First Budget ebike for leisure : Pace 350 or local shop’s “House Brand”

    Looks like a fun bike, congrats. Nice that you are so close to Lenny's that would make it easy to buy there.
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    2018 SDuro Trekking 6.0 (Yamaha) review

    Are you sure you mean small front and little rear rather than small front and large rear? No experience with skip on mine. I ride in gravel a fair bit and agree that the front fender could use another 1/2" clearance. The Priority is 400w Those who want to exceed 20mph with assist have ways...
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    Extra "Yamaha" Battery- US Aftermarket

    Thanks for the link to the $800 option.
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    Costco- Priority Embark

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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    Speaking of air pressure, my wife wanted a softer ride for our gravel grinding and let a little air out resulting in snake bite on a washboard pothole section on her juiced bike. That bike has a rear drive hub and fixing it was quite a process. I had to ride home and get the car so that we could...
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    CCS Tire Upgrade: Schwalbe, Conti, Maxxis...

    Put a Marathon Plus on my wife's bike after a flat on the rear wheel. PITA to change tire on the rear hub, hoping Schwalbe will make it a long time.
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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    Got it, hard in this forum o_O