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    Known Issues & Problems with Stromer Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    So both OMNI C units work now. No idea why one didn't after the upgrades. I forgot all about it until I read this thread again. Now they work. Problem solved.
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    Tubeless ready ST5 - Yes!

    And a pump or CO2! Lol, I left a bit out but I always carry a toolkit for each bike I own, enough to keep me from walking home for most issues. My ST2 rear tire is a thick Schwalbe Marathon with snake bite tire liners, and a thick Schwalbe inner tube filled with Slime. Like you, I do NOT want to...
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    Orbea Gain E-Road Bike

    Smart trainers are not really designed for e-bikes. E-biking on a smart trainer defeats the purpose of the smart trainer anyway. You can always choose to ramp up your training sessions to match your ability, unlike a ride in the great out of doors where an e-bike can make impossible things...
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    Orbea Gain E-Road Bike

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    Tubeless ready ST5 - Yes!

    A patch kit, a tire boot, and a spare tube, just in case. I carry a light weight Tubolito for my tubeless setup, because you never know. Don't forget to bring something to remove the valve. Can't install a tube if you can't remove the valve.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Looks like your KOM, and all of your times, were disqualified on Strava.
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    What Do You Do During The Lockdown?

    Are you Zwifting?
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    Must Buy accessories Items for ST1

    You got your point across without this. So unnecessary.
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    Danny Macaskill on the new Santa Cruz emtb

    He always rides Santa Cruz bikes in the videos I’ve watched. This is the first e-Santa Cruz though. He has been sponsored/contracted for a while. No idea on the fees, but Danny’s production values are the highest. And there is always a sense of humor and playfulness displayed. Check out his...
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    Hitler Hates E-bikes
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    Known Issues & Problems with Stromer Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I will. Haven’t done so yet.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Stromer Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I updated two ST2 bikes a couple of weeks ago. Both communicate. I was able to set the PINs. One transmits its GPS location. The other says it isn’t available, and it hasn’t been available since the update. The one that works has worked since the first day. I’m taking the bad one back for...
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    Chain jumping on Orbea Gain F40

    Sounds like it could be as simple as a new chain. They are consumable items. It could also just need a derailleur adjustment. Your LBS can tell you.
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    Bianchi Debuts e-MTB with Massive Battery

    Not if there’s a ram filter, lol.
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    Stromer St2 Stolen and recovered...30 mins.

    Was your bike is locked mode? I assume it was or you wouldn’t have received the stolen notification. The thief couldn’t ride it in lock mode. He pushed it around the block? Thanks for posting this story. The only improvement to your locking regime would be to lock the frame to the wheel so it...