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    Handelbar phone mount.

    This one has worked well for me. Someone on this forum recommended it.
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    Will an 8-speed chain work on the CCX 9-speed drive train?

    I've always heard that N+1 speed chain fits on N speed cassette, the other way around no.
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    Bumper Hitch rack - any special considerations?

    I recently purchased this one, based on several recommendations from members of this forum:
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    Recommended Class 3 ebike (Juiced CCX Purchase)

    You may want to check out the grips from Ergon, like the GP3, which allow for a hand position where your palms are facing each other, similar to gripping the hoods on a road bike, rather than palms down. The ability to change hand positions helps to minimize wrist and hand pain.
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    Recommended Class 3 ebike (Juiced CCX Purchase)

    I was in Europe a couple of months ago, and there were ebikes all over the place. The subscription idea makes sense and appears to be coming to Europe as well.
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    Recommended Class 3 ebike (Juiced CCX Purchase)

    You could certainly do it yourself, there is a DIY section on here, also lots of videos on YT. I think I paid about $300 for installation, so you could probably do it for about $1000-$1200 depending on options. Yes, internal cable routing and integrated battery are nice, but then you are...
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    Recommended Class 3 ebike (Juiced CCX Purchase)

    Yes, its a Class 3, with a throttle. Throttle only max is 20 mph, 28 mph with pedal assist. Price included the new donor bike. Best of luck with your Juiced. People on here seem to like them a lot.
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    Recommended Class 3 ebike (Juiced CCX Purchase)

    Another approach you may want to consider is a "professional" or custom conversion, using a new bike as a donor bike. I am an experienced cyclist, too, (own a Specialized carbon road bike and Specialized hardtail mtb) and when I was shopping for my ebike I was concerned about getting locked into...
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    (Refund Refused/More Issues) My Experience - Brand New Stromer. 3 months of ownership, 2 months of repairs.

    Your post was inappropriate and should have been taken down.
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    Thank you and Hello!

    How about a three-wheeled recumbent? They don't look like an adult trike. It's sad to hear your morning rides and "great adventures" are over.
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    Smartphone mounts for bikes, 2019/2020

    Someone on here recommended the Maxmiles. It's the best one I've tried. My phone has a TPU case which I think makes this mount even more secure.
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    New Here

    Looks like you have a beautiful place to ride. Love the name of the bike. Enjoy!
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    Possible Game Changer For Charging Ebike Batteries

    Because there are laws of physics.
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    Bafang C965 Electric Bike Display Settings

    This may be what you are looking for.
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    What make of Bike is this?

    I think this is considered a scooter, not a bike. Google "fat tire scooters." (Your wonderful wife is just trying to limit your expenditures on "toys.")