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    Turbo levo ht 2019

    Hi, i got very annoying problem with the chain jumping from the chainring between crank and lower back fork and stucks there. The chain has been changed already once an no change on the issue. The free hub and the chainring look ok. The chain is very wobbly from the bottom when i pedal and it...
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    Turbo Levo Tuning

    Okay. Thank you. I think i want it back to "normal" so i can have a peace of mind. The usa limiter is all i need. But here are the eu 25km/h and 2000mm 27-28km/h.
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    Turbo Levo Tuning

    can you tell me is there something wrong with the bike or why you say go reset it? Thanks
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    Turbo Levo Tuning

    Hi every one. I bought yesterday Turbo Levo HT 2019 model. Today i tried that light blue speed limiter tuning and it worked fine although the mission control app didn't change the circumference to 800 it stayed 2000mm. Bike now has no speed limiter and it will assistance over 40km/h speed if you...