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    Can we change the culture?

    My second time out ever on a tar trail with friends a guy rode by yelling obscenities! I don't think his mother breast fed him long enough????😁😁 Now I'm going to make a big wide generalization.....I think it's a certain know who they are. I've been fat tiring low and slow all...
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    How much of a workout do experienced riders get using an ebike.

    I have been doing fat tire single track all winter and here is what I've found. You can't go too high in PAS because when you start to peddle it will launch you! I typically am in PAS 1 and do a lot of shifting. The first time out I went to level 2, started pedaling out of a corner and the bike...
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    GPS tracker ideas

    LoRa- GPS is problematic for a lot of reasons
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words & Photos

    Ha bit the bullet today! I freaked thinking I wasn't going to get through the gap. Back wheel slid down the slope and that was that!
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    New bike

    Nice ride!!!
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    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    If you contact Crazy Lenny by email they are very responsive and would more than likely answer your question. They seemed pretty knowledgeable and responded quickly during my dealings with them.
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    New bike

    I've been a bow hunter for 40 years! The most common setup for hunters these days are the Rambo bikes with the Rambo trailer. The Rambo doesn't have much over most of the other electric fat bikes on the market, it's just marketed to the hunting crowd and it's the name known by most because of...
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    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    I didn't pay tax either. The $1700 was literally the out the door prize. I thought the whole experience was pretty good. I emailed back and forth with a customer rep a couple times and I was looking at the 29er. I asked about weight limits(I'm a fat arse) and he suggested to not go with 29...
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    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    I did purchase from Lenny. By far the cheapest price I could find on the internet other than the BlueBook deal that doesn't exist anymore. They did play the shipping game a little..the bike was "actually" $1500 with $200 shipping. I just looked at the the out the door price of $1700 and...
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    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    Damn it! This thread just cost me $1700 I picked up a BH Easymotion Rebel Lynx 5.5 27.5 Lite PW for $1700 out the door/delivered.
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    How Safe and Practical is the Used E-Bike Market :

    A lot of it is battery. If you can check an odomter reading that helps, but after that it's pretty much the word of the seller as to how the battery was maintained.
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    It's official!

    Juggernaut Fat tire is now official bigfoot research vehicle!
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    biktrix ultra in az?

    Will the number of PAS levels help this? I have 5. would setting it up with 9 help?
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    How well did you do in January?

    I got a Traeger for Christmas! I would have made that ride as well!
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    How well did you do in January?

    Rode my first fat tire single track snow packed trail in Jan. and had my first OTB! Funny story....I had ZERO experience with this. I drove to the trailhead and there was a race going on. I asked if the trails were open to the public and they said sure, just pull over for faster riders. I...