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    The Fold, was it rushed to market too fast?

    I have a Sondors Thin (350w 36v 8.8Ah) and ordered the Sondors Fold X (500w 48v 14Ah). Both are single speed. With the Fold X's throttle set to provide more power from 0 mph, it's been great fun. I have squealing brakes in the back, and grinding brakes in the front, but I didn't really do...
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    RadMini front Rack Ideas Wanted

    You could look for a scooter trunk: Add some metal hosepipes to secure it to the front rack and a lock to make it 'rummage through resistant' The side bars on the front rack make it a bit annoying to find the right trunk...
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    RadRover handlebars

    RadRover + North Road (sunlite) Puts my hands close to my knees but it's comfortable for me and lets me sit up straighter. I also have the same bars setup for my Sondors Thin so I decided to try it with the rover and I've been riding it for a week+ and I like it. Also a flipped north...
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    Radrover Rear Rack

    Cool, glad it fit well for you. I actually don't mind the height of the rack (I'm using the area between the rear tire for my toolbag. My only issue is that the bottom pannier blocker is too high to secure the bottom clip of my panniers that have a more traditional top and bottom clip system...
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    Radrover Rear Rack

    Hi dapope_22, I have an ibera pakrak 5 ( on my RadMini but I prefer the Topeak Super tourist disc ( A couple of things that annoy me about...
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    New Tail Light.

    I'm actually using a white spoke lights on the front wheel and red spoke lights on the rear wheel to make a lowcost revo-style lights on my Sondors Thin. Sang
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    Radmini 3rd party rear rack and fenders

    I'm using a Ibera RA5 rack on my radmini. The fat tubes of the OEM rack wouldn't fit my panniers.
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    RadMini tire selection

    I'm using Sunlite XL Cruiser 20 x 4-1/4 (I think I said it was 4.5 last time) I prefer the smoother tread as it's a bit quieter. They fit fine with the RadPowerBikes fenders Tires Tubes...
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    Any RadMini people out there

    I'm using the tubes that came with my RadMini (20x4) For spare tubes, I purchased Mongoose 20x4 tubes from amazon
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    Anyone put a bigger chainring on their Rover?

    Cassette removal tool I just remembered I had in the bottom of my bike tools I've used it on my older bikes, wondering how it would work on the RadRover & RadMini... From the article, it looks like there are a few other touring style...
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    Any RadMini people out there

    They're quick release pedals, I find the little red quick release nub is a bit distracting. Wellgo C247 (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)...
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    Rad Mini an Upright?

    Hi Thomas, On my Radmini, my handlebars are definitely higher than my rear seat and setup to be 'upright'. I put all my weight onto the saddle and am currently using the stock saddle + origin8 suspension seatpost (just goes up and down...
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    Rad mini fenders

    I use my Ebikes for commuting to work, and it's been raining a bit in San Jose, fenders were on my list. I originally planned on using my Sondors Thin with fenders, rack etc as my winter commuter, but the thin higher pressure tires gets annoying with all the pot holes, detours across...
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    Any RadMini people out there

    My Radmini with Sunlite 20x4.5" tires & Radmini Fender
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    Radmini pannier

    I replaced the rear rack with one that had regular tubing so I could use my normal pannier bags.