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    Rad Mini Stem Swap?

    If this helps as I think your just trying to get the bars lower overall. I have a 'Mini ST and I reversed the stem to point inwards. Brings the bars closer on reach. I also flipped them over and remounted everything to make it a tad lower as well.
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    The 4 Big Groups of Ebike owners

    I agree alphacarina, I'm amazed at the price point of my Rad Runner every time I ride it. I'll try to get to the counter top store and see what their selling. But the sign out front is so sketchy!
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    The 4 Big Groups of Ebike owners

    I wish I knew how to post pictures because I saw something too funny. We have a counter top business in the are and they have the worst spray painted sign out front advertising "electric bikes! $500-$800" or something like that. I'll get a better picture this week. My wife actually noticed it...
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    Just ordered a RadRunner 1 looking at seat option and user experiences.

    The OEM seat is a butt smasher. You will end up buying a new one. Wally World sells the made in Italy Sella Royal seats for a very fair price. And then there's Cloud 9 seats that get great user reviews. Both great options. Now concerning seat post. Most higher priced seat post need to be ran a...
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    Who here has used dog spray?

    I got a cattle prod awhile back. Don't know why, just wanted it. Got it at a farm supply place Was $150 and runs on a bunch of D cell batteries. I took it into work one day because my boss had never seen one. After messing around with it and everyone is hiding now the boss gets an "idea". He...
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    RadRunner 1 review and notes:

    Wow, this is an old post. But yes, I still love my 'Runner 1. Work played around with my work hours so I haven't been riding to work lately. No fun getting home around midnight. Aside from a few flats the 'Runner has been a flat out tank! I have around 2000 miles on it now. Was racking up...
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    Single gear variable assistance levels?

    I rarely go no assist. These ebikes pedal like little tanks with no assist. Lowest assist will give you what your looking for with or without gears. I got my 'Runner 1 for its simplicity but after riding the 'Mini ST I purchased I kinda like having the gear option. It would be a tough choice if...
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    Single gear variable assistance levels?

    I have a Rad Runner 1 and it does just fine on flat terrain. Just ride the bike and mess around with the PAS, you'll find what works best for you. I tend to hang around in 2 for exercise, 3 for cruising and 4 for being in a hurry.
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    Min inseam rider figures

    I'm going to install a rear adapter plate on a Rad Mini ST this weekend. It has a cheap pogo post on it but the seat is slammed all the way down. It also has the stem reversed to allow easier reach to the bars. The owner is on the shorter side. I can measure the seat with the cheap pogo post in...
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    Who here has used dog spray?

    Wal-Fart sells 2 sizes in the "boating" section. The boat/air horn I use is the smaller of the 2. I tuck it in my pocket with the horn hanging on the edge of the pocket. I can reach down, send a attention honk and no one really knows who did it. The horn is pretty loud for a bunch of quick blast...
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    Who here has used dog spray?

    I wear good old pepper spray for joggers. They come with a cool little wrist wrap holster that securely holds the pepper spray. Wal-Tart sells them in the running accessories section. I like the hot pink ones myself. I also carry a small boat horn in my pocket, but that's to scare bums on the...
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    16gallons of gas @96lbs/48$ or a 750wh battery @12.8lbs/0.10$ ??

    My ebike is my affordable entry into battery tech. It does great for what it is and I really enjoy using it for its intended use. But if someone ask me what I'd recommend for a commuter, its usually a motor scooter. No range anxiety, gas stations everywhere, 75-120mpg's and usually proven...
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    NASA METL Tires Coming Soon?

    I finally managed to get some Tannus 20x3.0-4.0 liners for my Rad bikes. Finally in stock. But those NASA tires look interesting.
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    Do I buy a radmini?

    Almost forgot, my RadRunner 1 has been a out and out little tank for just over 2000 miles. Ride it for a 14 mile one way commute in the rain, cold, over bumps-I just ride it like I stole it. Did get a flat but I ordered some Tannus liners so I can bullet proof both my 'Runner and her 'Mini.
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    Do I buy a radmini?

    I purchased one for my wifes sister as a thank-you for all the stuff she has helped us with on our house. But she's in Vegas right now so I'm giving it a shakedown and getting everything ready. I own a RadRunner 1 and really love it. I think the 'Mini Step-Thru is a better bike. No flex on...