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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    The battery conserving, table top flat, St Marks Trail from Tallahassee Florida.
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    Homage Frame Size

    How good to hear. That helps. Keep pedaling....
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    Bike Rack for ebike

    Have been very happy with our KUAT 2.0. Only draw back is that it is freaking heavy to install and remove from the vehicle. I recently purchased their accessory ramp so I can roll the bikes up on the rack rather than lift them up. It is a little cumbersome to use but well worth it when the...
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    The miles just crept up on me!

    Bravo. I managed my first 100 mile week this week. very similar style, ride for fun, quiet, kind of meditative. e bike just makes it possible to go a little farther a little faster a little more often and that's all good. Keep pedaling.
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    A critical look at the Haibike Trekking (open to all variants)

    5000 trouble free miles. Trecking RC Yahama. Original tires, one puncture, three sets of brake pads, new seat post (body float), new bars (Jones H Bar), new grips (Ergon), rear lamp wiring repair, foam under battery to silence rattle, three shims from sardine can on motor mount bolts to stop...
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    The Silver Comet Trail north of Atlanta. Connection to the Chief Ladiga at the Alabama state line makes a 95 mile paved trail. Much more to explore.....
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    Homage Frame Size

    Thank you everyone. I wish I lived in the Bay area and had a shop like NewWheel handy.. Totally nerding out on the specs I compared R&M to my Haibike Treking I have been riding for the last few years. Haibike is a 52cm "medium" frame and I have made a couple of changes to make the bike more...
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    Homage Frame Size

    I am 5' 10" tall which makes me 1.77M tall. Homage frame sizes are listed as small for riders 1.65-1.8M tall, or medium for riders 1.75 - 1.9M tall. Any thoughts or first hand experience before I order the bike? I appear to be on the cusp or a small or a medium fram. I am really unclear...
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    How do I raise my Haibike handlebar 2"?

    I didn't raise the stem, I replaced the stock bars with Jones H bar with 2.5" rise. Couldn't be happier with the mod.
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    Extra "Yamaha" Battery- US Aftermarket

    Don't know anything about this company or product but its an option.
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    Suntour suspension seatpost

    I put the Kinet Body float on my Haibike Trecking. Transformed my ride. In my opinion worth every penny.
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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    I installed Jones H bar on my 2016 Trecking with no problems. Really happy with them.
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    SDuro Trekking SL 3000 mile review.

    Hi Barry. So far (just a few brief shakedown rides I am happy with the H-Bar. I just got done cutting the bars down from the 710mm length to the "original" H bar length of 660mm. At that width cables are very relaxed and I still have unloaded my wrists, elbows and shoulders which is my main...
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    SDuro Trekking SL 3000 mile review.

    Sorry for the tardy reply. The rear lamp is the one that came with the bike. Brand appears to be Trelock.