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    Looking for a mid-drive commuter ebike under $2500

    You can try Ariel Rider C-Class. For 1799 it has almost all the features for a commuter. You will need to do your own assembly or ask your local bicycle store to do it for $100 max. We are going to face some hard economical times so it makes sense to save some. I love Specialized or Gazelle...
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    Help me to choose decent commuter class 2/3 combined, optimal budget <=3k

    Ariel Rider also has office in Seattle and their C-Class can be a good option. Price is around $1700 but it has mid motor, internal hub gear and hydro brakes (not best ones but still better than mechanical). And I remember they have throttle. I can be wrong about it you better check with them...
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    Large EBike Expo, With 250 electricbike demos and over 20 manufactures, meet Court from EBR

    Can you tell me which e-bikes will be there. I may visit there with my buddies.
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    Fazua motor updates from Eurobike | Entering the US in 2020

    I think that will be a good fit for European bikes don't see much chance here in USA.