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    Looking for Specialized Turbo X old or faulty Battery

    Hi every one, I'm looking for used, old, or faulty Specialized Turbo X battery. Can be any of this ones: 2015 Turbo - 468Wh/13Ah - SBC-B02 2015 Turbo X- 468Wh/13Ah - SBC-B02 2014/2015 Turbo S - 504Wh/14Ah - SBC-B03 2016 Turbo FLR - 396Wh/11Ah - SBC-B01 2016 Turbo - 468Wh/13Ah - SBC-B02 2016...
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    Have a 2015 Specialized Turbo X

    Hi, can I ask if anyone have a old battery for Turbo X, after someone try to steal my bike batery and broke it, the main body still ok but lose the BMS, just need unused one or faulty to try to recover mine. All help be gratefull. Thanks and sorry for my english.
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    Freehub remove

    Hi, anyone knows how remove my freehub? Attached video . Many thanks. Sorry not allowed mp4 videos🤔
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    Replacement Batteries for 2013-2016 Turbo (non-Levo/Vado)

    Hi everyone, Im looking for old used battery pack to buy, because after steal attemp my bike battery is dead. Just need a PCBs and case I have all the cells in well condition and still fully charge, due to here in UK is really complicated to find parts I hope somebody have one old unwanted in...
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    Used battery pack wanted

    Hi, I have a Specialized Turbo S 2015, but after steal attempt they broke my battery pack and is imposible to find here in UK, after pay for new one and never received, now Im looking for someone have old battery unwanted and try to sell it. Because my battery pack has broken and the pcb...
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    Hello From Cardiff UK

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 Specialized Turbo S with lots of miles, but now she is dead after steal attempt. Thanks to add me at this big forum and good rides.