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    Greetings from Belgium

    Welcome Buzze! Lots of information on here as I am sure you already know.
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    buying a used ebike

    I bought my Specialized Como used as well. I was able to get it at more than half price a month and a half ago. It came with some warranty as well.
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    Welcome to Disability and Ebiking

    Ah yes 1littlekim, I am all too familiar with those! Had two of them. I own a Specialized Como 2.0. It allows for upright seating. Depending on your friend's budget, I would start with a local bike shop.
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    Greetings from sunny NorCal USA - Wiliers Cento 1

    Hello and Welcome Curt. I use to live in NorCal unit five months ago, now in SoCal. Recently brought my ebike too in October. You'll enjoy your ebike!!
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    Has anybody tried BLevo with the BLOKS display?

    I had a conversation with Paolo as well, he said he has not had time to test on Como or Vado but looks like you already have. There is a posting on here from Planet 3 about a workaround. I believe it involves adding a couple of their speed governor removers and changing your unit of measure to...
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    How many miles do you have on your e-bike with a Brose motor?

    1500 miles on mine and no issues whatsoever.
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    How long did you research e-bikes before buying your first one?

    Mine was 3 weeks. I started by doing a lot of reading, watching YouTube videos. I settled on what I wanted which was the Rad. I did not want it to be shipped so I went to my LBS to check some e bikes out. I saw the Como and Vado lines, did some more research, found Como at a great price and...
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    Old guy

    Welcome to the forums! I have learnt a lot from the youngsters on here too.
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    New Guy from Central Florida.

    Welcome, I share Angela M's sentiments. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum!
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    Delivery checklist for new 2020 Como?

    Congrats Type952. You've chosen a great bike! Just make sure the lbs fits you properly and do a demo with you.
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    Como 4.0 -- what speed are you riding at?

    As someone who just bought a Como 2.0, once I get used to it, I will remove the speed governor. I have read on here about Planet3. Do a search and see if this is applicable to your Como 3.0
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    Hello from scotts valley

    Welcome Dirtbikerick! I agree with you in some of the outrageous prices that I could not justify. I looked at Rads myself before finding my Specialized Como. Enjoy the site!
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    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome Lord Polymath! As a new member myself and new to ebikes, this is the place to be.
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    What's a fair price for a used Vado 2.0

    Rick53, your analysis is not too far off! I purchased a 2019 2.0 and right in line with 40 something % discount.
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    What's a fair price for a used Vado 2.0

    As one recently was shopping for ebike, I would try and get if for sub $2K, my max would probably be $2.2K