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    Strange ST-2 Problem

    Thank you guys. I now have some things to try.
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    Strange ST-2 Problem

    When I am not pedaling it can glide alone at 20mph for very long periods on level roads. When in the stand if you turn the pedals it's the same thing the wheel will just spin forever at 20 to 28mph. I don't think it is supposed to do this. It is behaving like a bike with a throttle and this bike...
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    How far can you go by just pressing the + button?

    Wow, 130 views and nobody replies. I don't have the patience to press the + button for that long so I guess that I will never know the answer.
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    How far can you go by just pressing the + button?

    What I have always wondered about is if the chain were to break, how far could I go by just pressing the + button? Will this heat up the motor? Is it hard on the bike to do this? ST2.
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    Hub motor vs mid, driveline wear?

    There is a lot of bla bla bla in these posts. I believe that my ST-2 is still one of the fastest bikes out there. I am not talking about some of those bikes that claim to do 40 to 60 mph. They might do that for a short time and then the battery will be dead. But I can still do a hilly high speed...
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    Last stromer update broke smartlock on my ST2 ?

    My problem is that my auto unlock won't work.
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    Pairing to iphone

    I may have found a similar number under bluetooth on my phone but none of these numbers are mine. How do I delete these?
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    Pairing to iphone

    Which one of these numbers is my iPhone. How do I find one of these numbers in my iphone?
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    Finally pulled the trigger ...

    I had the same brake lever problem for about a year and multiple visits to the dealer didn't work, then I went to a local bike shop and they finally got it. There is trapped air in the system and you need to put the bike in different positions during the brake bleed to get the air bubble out. I...
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    New Stromer ST5 LTD

    If you have noisy brakes there is no need to use a $500 resurfacing tool. My shop uses a product called squealout. Find it at It is a paste with grit in it. Just smear it on your rotor and use the brakes. It cleans the rotor and you are good to go.
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    Stromer lack of support and a dead st1

    The real reason these bike shop owners want you to buy mid drives is so that they can have the repeat business when they need repairing. Chains free-wheels chainrings cables motors ect.
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    USA 2G networks shutting down - 2G Theft Recovery will no longer work

    Is Stromer going to make any money on this deal? I have no idea what their cost of the computer is but it would be nice if they told us that they are just breaking even and this is the best that they can do. Maybe I can justify theft protection for $350. How much would installation add to this...
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    Softening the ride without breaking the bank

    I ride with 30lbs in the tires and I weigh 150. I still get jolting bumps from the front end. I won't even try it with less pressure than that for fear of the tires coming off in the turns. Stromer has made no effort to make the bike ride smoothly over bumps. As a comparison my Specialized...
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    Changing headlight on ST2

    To get more light on the road you need to draw more power from the bike. If you succeed in finding a light that matches the same specs as the original light you will end up with the same lousy light. The dealer told me that the only way is to just put on an after market light with it's own power...
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    The new Stromer ST5

    This new Stromer has a big problem. The bigger tires do not provide more suspension. All they do is provide is more bounce. This bounce beats you up on long rides it makes your butt hurt and you think you need a new seat. To control bounce you need suspension like a motorcycle which would be...