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    Do any of you use a service-stand when cleaning/ servicing your Stromer-bikes ?

    I use my PCS -4-1 most of the time. It does not fold down as compactly as the other portable stands, but it can really handle the weight of e-bikes.
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    How do you clean your Stromer ?

    I just select the "self-clean while charging" mode in the My Stromer app. :D
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    ST2 Kickstand Issue

    I just got a new replacement ST2 since mine was being serviced when there was a fire at the shop, and to my delight it seems stromer has switched to manual kickstands. I did however have to switch it right away with the automatic one on my wife's ST2 because she hated that thing even more than...
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    What is your average speed on your ST2

    I use power level 3 At least 75% of the time, but my average remains at only 17.1 mph for three reasons: One, I am usually pulling a considerable load either on one of our 3 cargo trailers (Burley Nomad, BOB Yak, or Bikesatwork) or on our Burley D'Lite child trailer since the ST2's are...
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    ST2 lighting and latest update Dec2015

    Ah, it's all part of the new update, they've changed the behavior of the lights but the new app is awesome
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    ST 2 Bike Trailer??

    Thanks, John. Unfortunately I threw the studs in late November expecting some snow but the forecast isn't showing any snow here in Wisconsin until next year. :( At least they will be very broken in by then.
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    ST2 lighting and latest update Dec2015

    It looks like there's an update to the app as well and it's asking me to update my bike so it will be compatible so we may have to take the bikes for a ride somewhere with better cell reception than our garage and see if the update addresses the issue.
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    ST 2 Bike Trailer??

    They should still have some more at Crazy Lenny's.
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    ST 2 Bike Trailer??

    I've been very happy with the ST2 trailer plates so far, except for the fact that I ordered them in April when I bought the first bike and Stromer didn't send them until November. They seem to be a lot less flimsy than I had feared. I did have to fashion my own custom "BOB Nutz" in order to...
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    ST2 lighting and latest update Dec2015

    My wife's ST2 is a bit newer than mine, Mine was from the first shipment, hers was bought from a later batch. I've noticed a couple of differences. On mine whenever I change the back tire or rather remove the back wheel, I have to replace the ziptie that holds the wire bundle away from the disk...
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    ST 2 Bike Trailer??

    We've been waiting on Stromer to send us some of these mythical plates since I bought my own ST2 in when we got the first batch. Last I heard from the reps they didn't know when these would be available. I emailed them again today, we'll see what they say.
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    Video - 310 mile ride on Stromer ST2

    Nice Job Ravi
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    Bike Lock Mount on ST2

    Having just glanced at their website it seems like their "Easy KF bracket" should work. Did your lock not come with that bracket or is the problem that the seat tube is too large a diameter and your seat is down all the way so your seat post is not an option either...
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    Replacing Sora Derailleur on ST1 after accident

    Yes the torque sensor plate is what the derailleur attaches to and if you have a broken/bent derailler, it means that the derailleur hanger was probably under some stress as well, so you'll want to check it over to make sure it's not bent or cracked. It will be pretty obvious if it is bent but...
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    Replacing Sora Derailleur on ST1 after accident

    Sorry to hear you got hurt. Is it just the derailleur that got damaged? How is the torque sensor/derailleur hanger? If it's just your derailleur, I can send you the one I just took off of my new ST1 Platinum if you haven't already ordered one. It's actually not sora, it's an XT. It is a long...