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    Chain lube?

    Tri-flow is my lube of choice. I used to switch to dry lube in the summer when it's dusty out, but I don't bother anymore. I just apply the tri-flow while rotating the crank backward whenever I rinse the bike off.
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    Pedego Rentals in Hawaii

    Last time I was in Maui I thought it would be great to get around on an ebike. It's disappointing that they cost so much more to rent than a car (we rented an older car for $30/day. bikes were at least double that, each). I would love to rent a couple Radwagons with surfboard racks rather than...
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    Tube size issues - double ended tubes

    I just had my first experience with the Gaadi tube "in the field" and it didn't quite go as planned. It went in the tire great, but while pumping it up the tube got pretty hard while the tire casing was still loose. I guess it takes a good amount of pressure to stretch the tube. The tube was...
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    Bionx Battery

    Try contacting OHM bikes out of Vancouver. From their FAQ: "As a long time partner of BionX since 2007, OHM has stockpile of BionX system parts and expertise for repairing BionX systems. OHM is committed to providing support to customers with BionX systems. We offer troubleshooting support...
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    Wattage per mile or kilometre

    220lbs rider + bike, 700w geared hub motor, pedal at an easy effort and I average about 13wh/km.
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    BBSHD or bbs02b for uber eats hill climb?

    Maybe get in touch with a user here by the name of lido3000. He delivers ubereats in toronto as well, but I think he rides a stromer, so the efficiency of hub vs mid-drive will be different. Might give you a ballpark idea though.
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    The True Costs of Owning and Using an Electric Bike

    Nice! He's got a little typo down near the bottom though: "two tents of a penny".
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    First ebike, hauling kids in a hilly area

    I have kids only slightly older than yours and often dream of shuttling them around by bike, so I read all I can on what's out there. I think a RadWagon is probably your best bet, with the kid hoop attachment. Velofix has partnered with them and will assemble, tune and deliver the bike to you...
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    Hello from BC - Riding 10,000km a year on Bosch e-bike - Looking for a more durable system (if any?)

    Hey, I live further up-island (with even more rain.) I found the biggest help with preserving my drivetrain was putting a low and wide mud flap on the front fender. Keeps the gritty spray off the chain. I have about 4000km on the Bafang G310 motor from Grin and it's been reliable. It's also...
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    Hello from BC - Riding 10,000km a year on Bosch e-bike - Looking for a more durable system (if any?)

    Since you are in BC, maybe contact Grin and see what they recommend among the direct-drive or geared hub motors. They finally have ones that use modern axle specs: Your 3-month drivetrain life reminds me that back in 2015 Scottoiler tried to kickstart...
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    Winter e-biking advices

    I find the clothing for comfortable cold winter ebiking is pretty much the same as for downhill skiing. Like skiing, your going fast, holding on to metal sticks and moving your legs alot. The great thing is, if you get a bit chilled you just lower the assist while maintaining the speed and...
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    Winter e-biking advices

    I'm curious to hear how these are with fogging in cold weather.
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    Have you noticed that the vast majority of ebikes are "recreation-focused?"

    I don't think it's a durability issue that keeps more people from biking, it's simply convenience and comfort. For a car, all you need to get going is the keys. On a bike, you need to check the weather to decide what to wear, put on your helmet, jacket, and whatever else. Put your stuff in a...
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    Idiot drivers!

    Interesting article on the Dutch system: It's not as simple as "always blame the driver". Meanwhile in NY, cops ticket unconscious cyclist that has just been doored...
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    Idiot drivers!

    Timpo makes some good points. Humans make mistakes, and sometimes they are just a-holes. I used to get angry and belligerent when wronged by drivers (almost every ride), but now I treat it like running in a herd of wildebeest. I do my best to avoid getting trampled, and don't expect the...