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    Attaching a trailer to my ebike.

    good luck finding TP. lol I use my trailer for hunting and have put 100 lbs in it or so
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    What Do You Do During The Lockdown?

    I can ride in the pinelands in NJ nobody is going to bother you riding on sand roads and paths . I use the time to explore hunting spots
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    How many miles on original motor

    wow I use mine seasonally and recreationally only. I would not have 1000 miles in 10 years . I ride a fat bike in sand and I am sure that is tougher on the motor than the street.
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    Segway Dirt eBike: Yay or Nay?

    Mike you are right , the reason I got an e bike was to be legal
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    Just Ordered THE FIRST EVER Fat Tire Watt Wagon!

    Wow I was complaining about temps in the high 30's F. You are hard core
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    Just Ordered THE FIRST EVER Fat Tire Watt Wagon!

    I assume you are going to strengthen the weak points? Maybe ramp the power up slowly electronically?
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    Road Rage

    People are all in a hurry today and feel their lives and schedules are important and yours are not. The days of entitlement are upon us. My generation or the next raised brats. It seems pretty easy o wait a few seconds and pass a bicycle when you get a chance. ( its not hard) I agree in...
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    glad it worked out for you! excellent find ( the bike shop and the owners or workers)
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    New York State ebike legislation

    as usual legislators never ask anyone who uses these things or knows anything lets just make some laws
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    Just Ordered THE FIRST EVER Fat Tire Watt Wagon!

    The trailer, I have a similar trailer it tows like nothing is there most of the time. I was shocked how light it was for a metal framed trailer. Definitely interested how the solar charger works. Great to be self sustaining instead of trying to find power here and there.
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    Tire pressure, rolling resistance, battery range

    AHicks good call i do the same. I have a fat tire bike. When i ride on the road i use 18 lbs and when i ride in the sand ( i do a lot) i ride with 6-8 lbs. I am also large 275lbs 6'2" and i am afraid to go lower on the tire pressure even in sand . some recommend less but i worry about a rock or...
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    Chainring selection

    Ok I am going to start thinking about cassettes. First I need to ride it with the 42tooth and see how it is
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    Chainring selection

    Wagonrd, exactly what i was trying for but obviously you are more accomplished than i am lol great information and i will work up the courage for more changes in the future
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    Ebikes green?

    So the dinosaurs that froze to death in the ice age? The receding ice creating mountains
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    Ebikes green?

    You can also google about palm trees found at the South Pole deep under the ice. North America was covered with ice and it melted before we had cars and planes. Not saying we can just do whatever we want but also suggests planet temperature fluctuations have been around a long time. We should do...