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    e-bike conversion kit from SWYTCH

    I joined a crowd funding effort and put my money down on this great English conversion kit. 28' front wheel motor and 50 mile range. I gave up waiting and purchased ebikes for my wife and myself. Then 6 months later the SWYTCH arrived. Clearly I have no need of it. The 50 mile range versions are...
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    Hi there. I ordered the SWYTCH kit a year ago and did not totally understand the time frames crowd-sourced products worked under. Mine arrived in Feb! I had expected last July. So we ended up buying two great PIM bikes and now have the SWYTCH kit sitting unopened. Here is a link to the...
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    Hall Effect Current Reading

    Maybe I am confused. It reads current flow thru a wire. Make the wire go thru 4 times and get 4 times the reading. Not attached to the motor.
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    Hall Effect Current Reading

    I am wanting to monitor power usage on my longer trips as I know I may have an issue going back on a depleted battery. I drive an electric car and have an instantaneous measure of my power consumption. I would like the same on the bike. I know I have 5 bars as an indicator but to choose an...
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    Throwing your leg over an E-Bike

    Well being 79 and getting stiff, I just gently lower the bike to the ground, step over with right leg and lift up the bike under me. My high backpack is no issue and I don't stress my hip joint.
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    Disability- need some unbiased advice

    Well I have had a bike since May. I am 79 and have bad feet for walking along with the cardio issues. My first thought is weight of the bike, not just for transporting, but for control. Mine is really too heavy for me (60lbs with battery; my wife has same model but is a step through and a...
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    If your bike goes into a slide, how should an older person with age-related limited mobility, respond?

    Trihonda, thanks so very much for the ideas. I will start doing slow turn, balance practice. I read recently a lot of older people just fall over stopping even so it seems a good idea. Lot's of help from the members of this site. I really appreciate you taking the time.
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    If your bike goes into a slide, how should an older person with age-related limited mobility, respond?

    Sooner or later I know I will run over something in the leaves on the rail-trail, and start a slide! If I am doing 5 mph, I might deal with it. I still have very fast reflexes, but no clue how to more than pray if I was to be doing 10-12 mph and the bike initiated a slide. Some suggestions to...
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    Electric Bicycle Fatalities & Injuries Are Rising

    Sorry should have included this quote from the article. " In the Netherlands, the study shows that it’s mostly older male cyclists who are ending up in the hospital or worse. 31 of 38 fatalities in the study were men over 65. The study’s authors point to several factors which combine to cause...
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    Electric Bicycle Fatalities & Injuries Are Rising

    I thought the physics of stopping from high mph and the high percentage of men over 60 involved in bad events, was interesting and thought provoking. We certainly have lower response rates and fitness to correct for or avoid events. It feels great to have a 16 mph run down a trail and then you...
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    Recharging during the day on tour

    I thought I would never use it but the 12v plug-in car charger works well when traveling. Came with my POLARIS now PIM bike. I think,( I am away right now), that the 110v charger outputs 4 amps at 12v?? I charged well over a 5 mile addition in just over an hour of driving. I guess we all have...
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    Should pedaling charge the battery? Or going downhill?

    The former Polaris is PIM which I love. They have very strong regeneration down-hill. Depending on choice, -1 or -2 you get 50 or 100 w regeneration the manual claims. It certainly slows you down quickly; feels like the Chevy VOLT level; enough to make to feel the change in momentum. By the way...
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    Which batteries recharge as you pedal?

    Good advice. Tend to think it is so well built, bolts so large, nothing could break! I usually go to -1 first but even there down hill, you feel the retardation. Yes I do need the braking on the steep hills; not young anymore and speed on a bike is 15 mph. Now in the BOLT, something else again!
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    Which batteries recharge as you pedal?

    I am sure my math must be wrong but: The BOLT has a 60 kWh battery and weighs about 3800 lbs versus 0.25 kW battery and 230 lbs for the PIM and passenger? Ratio is about the same. The bike jerks you back when going down hill and you activate regeneration.
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    12v DC charger

    Well I got to try it out and guess what, pretty much the same as the 120 volt charger. It puts out 1 amp at 12 v from 120 volts. Guess what the cigarette lighter puts out! Tried it driving between two sites on the Greenbriar Trail yesterday. One hr. transit time and 5 miles range extension which...