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    Moped-style electric bikes are in this year

    Also there is this option . Seems it is $1499. I would prefer it over Super73-Z1 at least this one has larger battery some descent drivetrain, full suspension (rear one looks cheap tough) and hydraulic brakes
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    What is going on with Bosch customer support?

    I agree with the shop based on what you explain. A firmware update won't do anything good. Normally bosch handles subjects very well.
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    Tern HSD With Bosch Smartphonehub

    Why you want to Use such display. I feel it is kind of annoying to be able to put phone on dock. Also the headlight seems to block you using that smartphone dock
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    Harley Davidson Invests in California Electric Bike Compnay

    I love those big companies investing in electric bike segment. I forgot the name but Harley even acquired that electric balance bike company. I think they know young people aren't into those big bikes and try to get connected with new green generation. If I were Harley Davidson I would invest...
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    Ariel Rider M Class Review

    You can put a baby Seat. I recently bought one and you can put a Yelp baby seat by THule. I am not sure if you can fit one of those.
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    Ebike for Short But Hilly Commute

    I will definitely go for a mid-drive. For hills you can't beat the mid-drive. If you need to ride steeper than 12% hills hub motors won't do well
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    E-bike that seats two but not tandem

    Ariel Rider D-Class . I guess thats what you mean
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    Haibike Sduro Trekking 9.0 alternatives

    Stromer seems an alternative. It isn't a mid-drive electric bike tough