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    2017 - A 750 Watt bike - We want to hear your opinion

    Same here... I like simple minimalist. My next build is going to be a SE tripel with a bbs02, battery in the backpack.
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    Maintenance tip/reminder

    Not only for all juiced bikes but any hub motor bike... tighten loose spokes, especially in the beginning (after a couple weeks.) I was not paying attention to spoke tension and broke one recently. Upon further inspection I found many more loose spokes. Juiced is all out of them and I am still...
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    Voltbike Mid-drive Mountain Bike 26"x2.15" tires

    Mixed thoughts on this one... Positive: 1) 48v, (biktrix and m2s is 36v) 2) a little bit cheaper ... Negative 1) 6 speed 14-28 freewheel? You will be spinning out at higher speeds. I don't think anyone makes a 6 speed freewheel with 11t so no simple solution to fixing that. 2) Cheaper disc...
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    Bafang G06 hubmotor kit

    I love how stealthy your bike is... can't tell it is electric at all, haha!
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    X-Treme Summit 36v & 48v mid-drive

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Not bad if you have local dealer support but if ordering by mail I think you could do better. Their website says that the bike can go 45mph... I doubt it. Also the rear rack is mounted way too high! Not much thought put into it... kind of makes me wonder if...
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    Yukon 750 killer The dangers of buying a bike nowadays is that it will become obsolete in under a year. I am not complaining as it is great for the industry. My suggestion for voltbike is to put a bafang maxdrive on the...
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    BTN OEM electric bikes with 42T CNC aluminum charin ring with BBS/BBSHD half price! Those are some interesting bikes but where are the prices?
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    AWD Juggernaut D1

    Looks nice and clean... says the top speed is 20mph but programmable. I wonder if it can be programmed for 28mph?
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    Voltbike Mid-drive Mountain Bike 26"x2.15" tires

    Voltbike's main competition: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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    Voltbike Mid-drive Mountain Bike 26"x2.15" tires

    I emailed George about this... his reply: "We plan to have mid drive bike soon. It will feature Bafang Second generation mid drive. It will be full suspension bike. It will be available in around January." It sure sounds like its going to be the max drive. I understand bikes need to be detuned...
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    Voltbike Urban Speed Controller?

    Even if you found a way I am not sure it would do much. I've messed around with the settings to no avail. The controller is only 12A so the bike will peak at ~500 watts at full charge. Most speed pedelecs run 48v batteries and 20+ amp controllers. If you want speed at an affordable price go the...
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    Cross Current

    Yes but the bigger batteries will bulge out of the frame more so it won't look as sleek.
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    Mag Lev bike makes the entire wheel into the motor

    Cool tech, thanks... We are going through a renaissance period in the electric bike world and I think this and friction drive are the future. I love how clean the bike looks especially with disc brakes in the front and regen brakes in the back.
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    2015 Izip Dash vs 2016 Juiced CrossCurrent

    How much is the closeout price? I saw a 2015 model for $2200. I would just get the CC and with the extra $$$ you save add a shareroller kit. You'll be doing 28mph uphill.
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    Pedego's first Folding Electric Bike, the Latch, Reviewed

    I am an experienced commuter and have done many miles with many different folding bikes. I am still waiting for someone to design a bike that folds like a scooter... long but narrow. All these folding bikes fold too wide and it is very difficult to bring inside a bus (especially coach style...