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    Medeo T10

    See this reply about your clunk noise You may need the Bosch shim kit. Shifting noise may be shift cable adjust; check the deraileur idle wheels are vertically lined up to the freewheel...
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    Considering a Gazelle, Pros and Cons?

    The hills are fine but above 45Degrees the upright riding position means the bike will flip backwards. Unassisted riding is possible but I use Tour “gear/assist” as a base mode making the bike feel weightless and keep a 25-30km/hr pace. The apt question is tough; the bike is heavy and you can...
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    2019 Gazelle Arroyo Elite - squeak when frame flexes identified

    I am attaching a photo of the plastic guide and the wear after 2 seasons. The right side was worn more than the left and I have never re-lubricated the guides. I suspect they wear silently and then don't continue to squeak.
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    2019 Gazelle Arroyo Elite - squeak when frame flexes identified

    I used a white lithium based grease that is waterproof. Permatex white lithium grease is an example. Just a small dab on each of the ridges of plastic on the battery cover that are touching the frame opening. Have never reapplied; perhaps the plastic wears in more silently. I used a small tube...
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    New Gazelle Ultimate t10 Purchase thoughts

    I am going to ride through the winter again this year. For those days when there is too much snow for the Ultimate, I will just snowshoe. Note the advantage of the step-through frame when bringing home the new snowshoes. Does anyone know a repeatable way to get the rubber charge port cover...
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    Arroyo Loss of power problem

    Just a report to future thread visitors. My wife now happily rides the 2019 Arroyo and encountered engine cut out on a ride. The Purion display had S05 error code and after looking it up found that the magnet on the rear spokes had been moved by the chain locking the bike through the wheel...
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    Serial Number Location

    I do not know if it is in your area but in Ottawa the police are helping sponsor 529 Garage and I have signed up my bikes. The police here are paying for the stickers when you show them that the bike is signed up with the app.
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    Motor kicks out at just over 18mph

    My 2019 Arroyo and 2020 Ultimate T10 both seem to first of all read low relative to radar speed displays that I trigger and casual comparison to iPhone gps speed. So if I go by the radar with 30 kph showing on the Purion display, the radar display is 2 kph lower at 28kph. The limit of ebike law...
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    Serial Number Location

    My later model Arroyo has a bar code sticker on the left rear chain stay at about where the tire/rim are. It has "Frame nr." and then the serial number.
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    Medeo or Arroyo?

    I can speak to the Arroyo and the Ultimate and the Ultimate has refined problems with the Arroyo (which is a great bike). Both racks are solid and I have filled panniers with cans and exceeded the rack rating with no problems. They would carry a child. My children are grown ups now. I see the...
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    First charge distance travelled

    See my comments in another thread about the clunk as a pre-cursor to a squeak whose both symptoms were eliminated with some sort of shim kit that Bosch supplies for this was installed under warranty by my bike shop. As for mileage, I am now addicted to riding to 30-32 km/h and thus limited by...
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    Winter storage

    Last November, winter struck early in Ottawa Canada. I could not handle putting the bike (Arroyo) away so soon and after 1 week I bought 2 Schwalbe Winter K-Guard HS 396 700c Wire Tire at 40mm the widest I could get and rode all winter except the heavy snowfall days where I just waited for the...
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    New Gazelle Ultimate t10 Purchase thoughts

    You would have to ask the Bosch dealer as it was an add on support kit (free fix for me under warranty, but I assume it is a free fix to anyone getting these expensive bikes.) Gazelle would add them at the factory if it wants to; it is noise between the motor and frame where it is mounted. I...
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    Gazelle Ultimate Headshock Adjustment

    Read this first Postmoderne fork Do not use things under the rubber boot as they adjust play of fork and you will probably make something really bad happen. You do need to remove the wheel and fender to adjust the fork preload from below. When you say soften you need to be more clear. The...
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    New Gazelle Ultimate t10 Purchase thoughts

    John, The rattle at the motor is an early sign of a problem. I had it and it sometimes sounded like banging on bumpy road. Later it developed a squeaky stress noise when pedalling hard or when frame flexed. My bike shop guessed it from the noisy video that I sent them during pandemic lockdown...