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    Stromer and the front wheel fork.

    I also put a Fox suspension fork on my ST1 when I converted my bike to a fire road warrior. It really made a big difference in handling and comfort.
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    Stromer lack of support and a dead st1

    I have a ST1 Platinum that I bought new on July 4th, 2013, and after thousands of miles, I am very happy with it. Many years ago, if I remember correctly, I had the same error message and was told to remove the battery door and battery, and then reach down to where the wire connects from the...
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    ST1 Won't Unlock

    I don’t know if this will work, but I found it on the web: Change an ST1 Elite or Platinum password from the manufacture standard "1-2-3-4" to a customers custom password. Step-by-step guide To enter "Allow Change Password Mode": Hold down the Power and Plus buttons together for 3...
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    2014 Stromer ST1 Platinum

    I bought my 2013 ST1 Platinum on the 4th of July back in 2013 and it still rides like new. I did replace the battery a few years back, but otherwise it’s a very reliable bike. A friend of mine finally bought one too, but he got is on sale as a left overmodel and saved some money on his.
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    Can't unlock ST1

    Remember there is a watch type battery in the display that can go out and cause problems as well. I had to replace the one in mine a few years back.
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    Can't unlock ST1

    Stromer94611 - Did you ever get this figured out?
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    Question about "bad" batteries.

    Years ago I had the same issue. If I remember correctly, the Stromer tech I called told me to check the connection at the bottom of the battery compartment. I removed the battery, and found and reattached the connection and the issue was corrected. My wife had to help me with the fix, as she had...
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    Cracked Torque Sensor plate on ST1

    Mine is a 2013 ST1 Platinum that I’ve owned for over five years. I’ve changed the tires on it many times. I guess I’ve been lucky, but I will keep that in mind the next time I need new tires.
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    Cracked Torque Sensor plate on ST1

    Wow, that’s too bad. I always change my wheels with hand tools, I never thought about breaking the torque sensor. Is your bike still under warranty?
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    Questions about Unused Connectors... what are they for? (ST1)

    The larger white connector is for the front light that comes with the city kit, the smaller black connector at the bottom of the downtube is for the rear light that also comes with the city kit. I have the city kit and a cool feature is when you turn on the front light, the rear also comes on...
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    Stromer st1 Platinum battery issues or display issues?

    That happened to my 2013 ST1 Platinum a few years back. I called Stromer support and was told there was a connector at the bottom of where the battery sits in the downtube that must of disconnected. If I remember correctly, I had to take the battery door off and then have my wife’s small hands...
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    ST1, Forgotten Lock Code

    From Stromer ST1’s Manual: Unlock System - Switch the Stromer on in the normal fashion (see page 23) and enter your password. With –/+ you can select the number and confirm it with the On/Off button in each case. Password: Default setting “1234”, see page 26 to define your own password.
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    ST1, Forgotten Lock Code

    RMTWELL - Did you ever fiqure it out?
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    ST1, Forgotten Lock Code

    Try using 1234
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    Stromer st1 rear wheel question.

    I removed my rear wheel and here is how the washers go: On the left side of the rear wheel - acorn nut, two washers, before dropout - after the dropout the two sided washer with round side facing the wheel / on the right side, acorn nut, two washers before dropout - after the dropout, half inch...