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    CrossCurrent X questions

    I have the older Juiced Cross Current with Torque + Cadance Sensor. I can set my assist to the maximum (Race Mode) up to 28mph+ and still ride slowly at around 8 mph, as long as I am not pedalling hard and on a low light gear. Even at maximum assist, I can still go slowly enough to make a...
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    Thoughts on my Rize RX (2022 model)

    Thanks Roy814! How is the torque sensor? Are you able to ride slowly (and smoothly) with light pedal pressure on PAS,1 or does the bike jolt you forward every time you pedal? What is the slowest speed on PAS 1? Are you able to ride smoothly at say < 8 mph? Does the throttle work on PAS 0...
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    Sparkbikes - SPARK 350W, 48V 13Ah, 26"x2.1" tires

    I have owned my 2018 Spark for 1.5 years (which is 2 full riding season). The battery is fine. In fact, I haven’t noticed any degradation. Mine is the upgraded 48V x13AH (not 10.4AH). I keep my bike indoors, so never subjected to any extreme heat or cold. I charge my battery once or twice...
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    Riese & Müller Introduce New Charger and Supercharger E-Bikes to the US

    “All other things being equal”, would a 36V/13Ah battery operating at nominal ~13.3 amps from the controller be same as a 48V/10Ah battery at nominal 10 amps (performance wise)? They both have around the same Capacity and Watt output, right? Therefore 36V system can perform as well as a 48V...
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    Goggles that fit over eyeglasses?

    I have been using this for a few years with my glasses. Works great! Inexpensive (approx. US$20 off ebay). My glasses are fairly low profile, so your mileage may vary...
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    Sparkbikes - SPARK 350W, 48V 13Ah, 26"x2.1" tires

    @Barry S I have around 1,600 km (1,000 miles) on my Sparkbike so far. Everything is working perfectly. No issue whatsoever. I recently noticed some creaking sounds from the rear when accelerating. I tightened a few rear spokes and fixed the issue easily. @ian.val assists will cease at around...
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    Sparkbikes - SPARK 350W, 48V 13Ah, 26"x2.1" tires

    @PCDoctorUSA Yes, I placed the order online, and it got shipped the same day by Purolator. The bike arrived to my door in 8 days. Here is a picture of it inside my home: I have 340 km (211 miles) on it already. Pros: - Price: CAD$1,249 (less than US$1,000!) + CAD$99 shipping - 48v x 10.4...
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    I would love you input

    I just wanted to share that my experience buying from Sparkbikes has been very positive. The company is responsive and legit. I am happy to say I just received my Sparkbikes "SPARK". I ordered last Wednesday, and was picked up by Purolator that same day, with tracking number. I received the...
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    Sparkbikes - SPARK 350W, 48V 13Ah, 26"x2.1" tires

    I just ordered the SPARK Below is a stock photo from the seller's website:
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    2017 Voltbike Urban

    @tinotino Did you get the newer 36V 11.6A battery? I have the older Voltbike Urban (mag wheels) with a 36v 10.4A battery. From a fresh full charge, I rode 60 km (37 miles) with a bit of battery remaining. I rode at round 20 km/h (13 mph) on PAS 1 & 3, on mostly flats, using the throttle...
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    2017 Voltbike Urban

    @tinotino I would love to see your pictures, but unfortunately, they are not showing up for me neither.
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    Chain rub

    Sometimes, simply reducing some tire pressure will eliminate the issue, if the rubbing was very minimal.
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    2017 Voltbike Urban

    No need to worry about after sales service. The consensus on this forum is that Voltbike is great and responsive. George and Alex is very responsive. I prefer calling early in the morning (Vancouver time). They usually pickup the phone personally and assist. I have 2 Voltbikes (Yukon 750 &...
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    New Voltbike Yukon 750 spotted

    Two observations: 1) The power of the Yukon 750 is not restricted. You can set the current from 1A to 30A. The label on the controller shows max 20A. I believe the default setting is U.S. 15A (x 48V ~ 750W motor) and Canada 10A (x 48V ~ 500W motor). It is not locked, so the user can change...