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    Known Issues & Problems with Daymak Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Recent experience with an EM3 was not great. I really enjoyed the bike but the batteries kept burning out. Eventually the store I bought it from refused warranty repair. #ebikeuniversenorth.
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    Daymak EC1Carbon Fiber Electric Bike Video

    It’s not the durability. CF has come a very long way. Have purchased a few directly from China during my road biking days and they’re still perfect. CF is very stiff depending on the strand TS rating and the layups or directions. For example if the TS is T1000 (very stiff) and most of the layups...
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    Daymak EM2 suddenly cutting power

    The low voltage on the app should not be lower than 10v less than the rating. For example if it’s a 72v machine it should be 62v as the low cutoff. Anything lower means deep discharge which destroys batteries. Fact is either all or some of your batteries need reconditioning. Take them to Daymak...
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    Wishing everyone stay safe.

    Wishing everyone stay safe.
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    Daymak Drive App Settings

    I can see it is a Daymak scooter. Not sure which model but it may not have the option of changing settings via the app. As I was saying earlier try a very light application of solder over the shunts. Start slowly and gradually increase checking the motor temps after each application. Just a...
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    Daymak Drive App Settings

    Not there. Go back one step and enter system settings. It’s the first option. If you don’t see it then your controller doesn’t have that options which means shunt mod for you.
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    Daymak Drive App Settings

    The EM3 is much more comfortable than the EM2. I’ve owned both. It seems like the EM3 is quicker all around. I also found that my EM2 had a lumpy tire or unbalanced so at speeds of 45+ kph it felt like the front end would loosen up. The EM3 is much better. Off the batt I cut that stupid rear...
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    Daymak Drive App Settings

    I’ve got the EM3, and have it set to max for all settings. It’s been working great. Battery range will suffer but there’s got to be a trade off. fast start =max Soft start =off Over speed 15,80 Speed limit off Controller current 100 Controller phase 100 Turbo on although I’m not exactly sure...
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    My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v

    Apologies. Administrator you may delete this thread.
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    My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v

    I’m sorry are you referring to the forums category or the entire site as a place for e bicycles only?
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    My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v

    One additional update to this interesting journey. I brought the eagle in to point out the front shocks issue and they swapped them out. Huge difference. I also noticed a wobble coming from one of the wheels. It happens at both low and high speeds. It makes the entire frame shake. I mentioned...
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    My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v

    Wanted to share an update and correct information I posted earlier. I mentioned that the bike stopped working. It was actually due to me holding the brake level in. The stop lights where I stopped we’re uphill and as I held the brake the accelerator would not engage so I guess that makes sense...
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    My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v

    Hello All fairly new ebiker and didn’t see much in terms of information I was interested in for the daymak eagle deluxe 84v So I’m going to use this thread as an ongoing issue tracking thread for others interested. I picked it up yesterday and had a very quick in service at the ebike universe...
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    84v lead acid 20aH vs 72v lithium 20aH

    Went for a quick ride today. Temps are around 2 Celsius. I had the charger on the bike overnight on a timer set for 6 hours. The voltage initially displayed 94v. After a few minutes it dropped to 92v. Then drove around for about 15 minutes and the voltage got down to 84. How the hell can I...
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    Eagle Deluxe Suspension

    Hi OmniRide. I too am experiencing sag. Both front and rear are almost down to bottoming out. As mine is the deluxe I can add Preload to stiffening it up. The front are just springs so not sure how to stiffen those up. Likely need to replace the springs.