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    eTap for Allant+?

    Should be fine but you'd have to change the rear cassette and maybe also the rear wheel if the freehub isn't compatible. But there have been some lower cost eTap stuff coming out that might work on your existing freehub.
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    Allant+ 8s chainrings

    Yes you should be able to get a variety of chain rings in smaller sizes. Can you ask your dealer?
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    Domane HP Iso Speed noise

    Don't go to the forums first! Go to the dealer first!
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    Trek Launches New High Performance Electric Cross Country Ebikes E-Caliber

    Without fail, Ebiker01 comes in to try and dunk on Fazua.
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    no mph or mileage reading on purion

    You remove the speed sensor from your Bosch bikes?
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    Ordered a new Domane HP today

    The light requires two little screws so you could maybe zip tie thru those holes to the rear of the aftermarket saddle rails. You could also order the rear light from the previous year's Domane+ but it's not as good...
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    Ordered a new Domane HP today

    Yeah it is designed to accept a Bontrager rear rack. Just make sure you use the right screw lengths and spacers for the upper mounts (they should be included). There are some specific instructions about how to properly install it.
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    Ordered a new Domane HP today

    Slide the battery up and down along the down tube to make sure it doesn't move TOO much. A little slide is okay but if it's like 3-4mm lengthwise, ask them to adjust the upper or lower battery docking a little tighter...
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    Domane+ HP Chain line

    The Domane+ ships with a narrow-wide ring. But you need to make sure it's indexed on there correctly. There is a small white graphic that shows how the chain should be set on it w/respect to the wide/narrow links.
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    Help ordering spare front chain ring for allant8s

    You can call up Trek or your dealer and ask them.
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    Domane+ HP

    There's a huge lead time for bikes in general right now. Usually Project One takes around a month I've heard. Maybe less if it's one of the more basic paint options. If you want a paint option that's NOT offered, then it's possible just costs a lot, lot more. When I asked about Project One they...
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    Domane+ HP Chain line

    Make sure the chain is positioned per the little inscription on the inside of the chain ring. It's not obvious, but it should help.
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    Domane +HP - Fondo Milage

    I've done some 70 mile rides on steeper hilly terrain. It's plenty difficult. I think if it was flatter you could do it for sure but you'd be doing a lot of the work!
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    2020 Domane+ hp pics flat bars

    Any change in tire size will affect the handling a bit but as long as the tire clears the frame and fork adequately for debris...that's the only problem to look out for otherwise. I run 700x42c tires on the older Domane+ model and it's great on gravel.
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    Thoughts while riding my Domane+

    There's no "added resistance" performed by the motor after you exceed the cutoff speed. It's just that the motor stops helping you, so you feel the natural resistance of the Bosch motor internals (albeit minimal) plus the usual resistances of pedaling a heavy bike over 28mph. The same internal...