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    Is the industry opting for PAS or THROTTLES in new gen ebikes? What do you prefer?

    Both plus torque. The more bells and whistles the better. We can be slow to accept new things like power windows, cruise control, automatic cameras etc.
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    Rockstar owners

    I don't think so because on private land you can go as fast as you wish. When on restricted territory the setting has to be limited to the limit stated by law. As long as you are on the right setting I believe you are fine.
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    I do lots of short rides in the neighborhood of 4- 8 miles, near every day. I charge to 80% run to 50% and then charge again to 80%. Once and a great while I charge fully . The wall plug in after battery plug and the wall plug out before battery plug out. I often go a full week without...
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    Please find something better to do, please.
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    Rockstar owners

    "What surprise me the most is that the chain broke climbing a hill on a dirt trail with limited adherence. I suspect the chain line, a clunky speed change or the result of the bike not having throttle cut on the speed selector, is it the case ?" More than likely it was a weak or faulty chain in...
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    Rockstar owners

    This just doesn't make any sense to me to de-tune a beautiful, powerful motor from 160NM down to 95NM unless Sondors figures the bikes themselves and the current drive train components aren't strong enough to handle that power. EBR sort of eludes to this. With so many great features to this...
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    It makes one wonder what the response of us buyers would have been and if we would have pulled the buy trigger had they mistakingly advertised the bike as being 25 pounds heavier than the the actual weight it turned out to be. Does any one think they would have sold nearly as many? I think we...
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    Why are the e-bike sold only with heavy inefficient fat tires?

    Regarding fat tire rolling resistance verses skinny tires. My fat tire bike coasts downhill alongside skinny tired bikes just the same as they do. No difference. When the tires are aired up to the maximum sidewall pressure (30PSI) some fat tires have little rolling resistance as they are...
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    Motor cuts off randomly - Ripcurrent S

    This has been said many times before but it warrants being said again. On your RipCurrent strap the battery in very tightly to prevent any intermittent power supply from bumpy surfaces and preventing future trouble from possible arcing at the battery to bike plug. "A stitch in time saves nine"
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    Rockstar owners

    I too am surprised there aren't more comments from ordinary customers who have received their LX & Cruiser bikes. Maybe most of them are first time e-bike riders without critical opinions to offer. When I got my first e-bike I didn't know if it was good or a piece of crap but I loved it never...
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    How do you charge your Juiced Bike?

    What is a UPS?
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    I have come to the conclusion that if you want a powerful electric bike with lots of range which equates to a heavier battery, spokes and wheels that don't break, a strong frame etc. It has to have some heft to it. The bike I own had a few issues with light parts and had to be upgraded to...
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    Elite Cruiser line

    Any word at all regarding when the first Cruisers will be shipped? Dang am I getting anxious.
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    Rockstar owners

    One of the surprises on the video he points out the torque sensor is on the frame near the rear axle. My understanding was this motor has a built in torque sensor.