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    Change of Handle Bar Grips

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    Change of Handle Bar Grips

    I have the same on my Moscow. They definitely help with climbing as well.
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    Shifting issue

    I think that @Silvercat is having problems with the front though, not the rear
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    Shifting issue

    Did you get the bike mail order or from a shop? It sounds like your front derailleur is incorrectly indexed and has tension in the cable still when it is on the smallest chain ring, it shouldn't have any. If you got the bike from a shop then I would take it back and ask them to re-index it for...
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    Gearing change for Moscow

    Standard Moscow with the standard 48V battery, a 250W motor and the off road C7 display. Anything above 20 mph is me pedalling (no assist by then).
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    Gearing change for Moscow

    It was new chain time and I figured it was a good idea to change the freewheel as well. Leon Cycles sell the replacement 7 speed freewheel cheap enough but they really aren't great. I also wasn't particularly happy with the gearing, especially at the top end so I decided to put a Sunrace MFM4S...
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    Schwalbe Smart Sam: Tyres That Are Silent On-Road And Quite Aggressive Off-Road

    Agreed the Smart Sams are very capable multi-purpose tyres. For me it was the puncture protection that let them down - three punctures in two months. Since I changed to Marathon E-Plus I haven't had another puncture and they are proof that Smart Sams are quiet rather than silent on road - I...
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    Rear spoke size Moscow plus 27.5"?

    It's weird how these things seem to vary so much between people's bikes - my brake discs on my NCM Moscow in Australia are definitely held on with Torx bolts not allen bolts.
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    Chain life

    Moscow is a hub drive though. I just changed the chain on my Moscow yesterday (after about 3000km). It should certainly be going more than 700 miles but it all depends on use - hills vs flat, road vs trails, light rider vs heavy, throttle user vs big pedaller. I would suggest cleaning &...
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    How to tighten the rear brake of Moscow

    I was always told that the barrel is really only for adjustment while you are actually out riding
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    How to tighten the rear brake of Moscow

    I just put it into the vice with the amount that I wanted to cut off sticking out of the side then cut it flush to the edge of the vice with a hacksaw. A little bit of filing just to smooth off the edges and it works perfectly. I use the technique that NCM describe in the manual to centre the...
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    How to tighten the rear brake of Moscow

    I just took an allen key that was the correct size and then cut it down to just about the minimum length I could and now it fits in the inner pad adjuster - I just keep that allen key for adjusting my rear brake.
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    Moscow 27.5 distance capability

    My round trip commute to work and back is always over 45 miles and I consistently achieve that with at least one if not two bars of charge remaining. I just got home now and I have 46.4V (two bars) showing on the upgraded C7 display.
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    Commuter Tires for Alexrims MD21 29”?

    I love my Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus. Mine are 2 inch wide but I think they do a wider one too.