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    Riese and Müller front bag

    Nothing fancy, mounts with four velcro straps, thermal insulated, and doesn't require any mods. It's designed to be a trunk bag so the top unzips three sides of the top which isn't ideal but being able to remove and carry quick and easy, carry hot/cold, built in rain cover, under $50.00 cdn (pre...
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    My family called jam and marmalade preservatives, i think because in the old days when my mum used to can (in this case jar with a good bit of parifin wax on top). In those days there weren't fresh veggies/fruit available year round.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    A short ride along the Vedder River with my wife. @ Mr. Mercier - heading to our LBS tomorrow to see if they have the saddle you mentioned and we ordered our bikes from CitE Cycles in Langley. @ Mr. Milkes - the pączki seems to have all the main food groups covered, preservatives, bread, and...
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Another gorgeous sunny day on the west coast. I'm probably an hour or so east from Mr. Mercier so my water view is a little different, I can't see the Pacific but we do have a lot of water views, one is Cultus Lake. As one of the most popular destination areas in the Lower Mainland, Cultus Lake...
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    Returning to E-Bikes - With a Vengeance!

    Is the July long weekend available!?!
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    2nd Ebike Anniversary

    That just brings a smile to me.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    After being a passenger on the forum for over 9 weeks and reading about peoples adventures, and looking at their photos was very entertaining i can now contribute! Yesterday, after a 9 week gestation period our bikes finally arrived. I was so excited to post a picture with my bike in the...
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    Updates available for Kiox, app and portal

    Yes with my Samsung portable it didn't work when the bike was more than a room away. Once touching each other they seemed to get along.
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    Powertube Covers

    We picked up our Superdelites yesterday and our LBS was told by his Bosch rep the covers aren't available for the Cdn market yet. He suggested buying from an Eur supplier or wait until they become available. Not ideal for me but will have a look into it.
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    Updates available for Kiox, app and portal

    I upgraded my Kiox last night to 2.0.x.x.x, it was simple but patience was required. All i did was place my portable on my front carrier and the bike turned on, left both devices plugged in and on, went back to look after twenty minutes and it was done. I didn't do anything other than make sure...
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    Tuning the Air Fork

    What a great post, very informative for me, thank you for taking the time to write this.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    I've said it before about this thread...way better than cable! It's so cool to see other people all over the globe sharing their passion with pictures and words.
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    E-bike recommendation: full suspension and belt drive?

    Haven't received our Superdelites yet but am interested to know how you make out with this. Yesterday was week 8...sure hope they're close.
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    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    R&M bike frames are hand welded in Taiwan or Portugal depending on the model. The weld is sanded down to a specific strength tolerance to R&M's specs. As Alaskan stated a sanded down weld ground down to a near smooth joint is not as strong. Seeing each weld bead to me is art IMHO.