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    Locktite Blue tastes good !!!

    Some silliness !! I used Blue on the bolts before tightening and put the Blue cap in my mouth to keep from loosing it. It really has a great taste.
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    Front Brake squeel-solved !

    After assembly, my front brake was rubbing. I did all the suggestions,ie: Loosen the bolts and squeeze the brake, tighten, etc. The tiny 2"X2" square piece of paper that explained how to install a washer was difficult to read. I got serious and looked at the back brake. There were 2 washers...
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    I broke my battery !!!

    I've had my 700 4 days. I prefer charging indoors. Two days ago, I dropped my battery on the garage floor and the knob on the top got moved. I'm in contact with R1U about a fix. The bike is not usable. It's my fault. I did not try to B.S. R1U that it was there fault. I fessed up right...
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    Got my 700 today-Shipping and unboxing comments:

    The bike was supposed to be delivered 9/18/2020. Receiver 3 different 'out for delivery" notices. I called FedEx every day about the missed deliveries. I got the most help from the original shipper, the one that picked up the bike in Sparks - (sorry, can't find the shipping notice for the...
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    Better battery remaining accuracy on the 700

    There is a new YouTube video posted by Kevin on Sep Explains in detail how to set-up and use the KD-218 controller. A must watch for everyone.
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    Bikeman!!! Where are you?

    So, all is good? My700 is scheduled to arrive today. After 3 missed "arriving today" emails. I'm glad I didn't get spooked and cancel. There really is not another choice at this price point. Am anxious for your follow up.
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    700 shipping today. Delivery to Oregon Sep19.

    Supposed to have arrived Friday. Out for delivery Saturday. Out for delivery Monday. Arriving Tuesday. Unable to locate package. Wednesday.
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    Bikeman!!! Where are you?

    Bike man. Have all your problems been solved?
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    R1U better address complaints soon

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    700 scheduled to arrive Monday. re,Spokes!

    Thanks for this post
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    Known Issues & Problems with Ride1Up Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Did you use the Park app? That's what I've been messing with. Pretty darn ingenious. How'd you figure the correct tension? U use R1U specs?
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    Known Issues & Problems with Ride1Up Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    rch...have you checked the spoke tension? I'm getting kinda anal about spokes.. Bought a tensioner and will attempt to get my spokes perfect.
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    Rode our first ebikes/May need to cancel R1U

    222....hang in there with us. R1U has specific dimensions for the ST. Check them out vs the RAD. I betcha it'll work for you. And the RAD bikes are ugly!
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    Has anyone refused a FedX bike?

    I don't think FedEx owns their own trucks. I believe there are companies that buy trucks, have them painted FedEx brown and contract to ship with FedEx. Another layer of "I don't care"
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    Aventon quality and reliability

    I looked for reviews: Bafang vs Shengyi and found them to be equal. Also one reviewer who works at a bike shop said he has never had to replace either.