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    Known Issues & Problems with SmartMotion Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Does anyone know why I can buy a new battery for my Smartmotion bike
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    Dead battery

    It’s not the charger, you have to bypass the BMS to charge it. I know what to do, I don’t have the equipment to do it. That’s why I’m looking for someone to help me
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    Chris Head- Smartmotion

    I wanted to thank Chris Head for his help in resolving battery problem on my Smartmotion Pacer bike! Very knowledgeable on all aspects of Smartmotion and bike industry in general.
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    If you have any questions on Smartmotion bikes I am here to answer them!

    @Chris Head, I recently purchased Smartmotion Pacer and m having trouble with battery not turning on when mounted on bike. Turns on fine off the bike. I have two bikes and it does same thing in both bikes
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    I just bought a Smartmotion Pacer and recently have had problems with battery turning on when mount.

    I recently bought a Smartmotion Pacer and am having problems with battery not turning on when mounted to bike. Any one seen this issue?