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    RadRover Upgrades - Torque Sensor / Hydraulic Brakes / More

    OK, that makes sense. One adapter site said that most forks are setup for 160. Then adapters make up the difference to the larger rotors. Thank you!
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    Best way to carry two Radrovers?

    We have the Thule T2 Pro XT 9035XT
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    Hands getting numb

    What size bar and grips did you buy? I really like how this looks! I see three different sizes for the handlebar and two for the grips. Also, did you shorten the grip yourself or buy adapted grips?
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    RadRover Upgrades - Torque Sensor / Hydraulic Brakes / More

    I am still a little confused as they make separate calipers for 140 and 160. So you are saying you can use the 160 mm model with the existing 180 mm rotors on the RadRover?
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    PAS too fast Rad Rover 2016

    Very interesting, so now it is a constant level of assist within each PAS Level, rather than variable power within each PAS. So I would guess it is smoother. When I take my bike in, I will see if they can upgrade my controller. I assume it is programming and not a new controller?
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    Rack Bag or Trunk Suggestions?

    I bought the Topeak rear rack and bags. Only problem is they aren't waterproof, but Topeak rain cover is cheap. Great system and good looking rack.
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    How many miles do you get on your RadRover/Radwagon?

    Certainly depends on weight, like YOUR weight. I am 245 and I can comfortably get 30 miles mixed flat/slightly hilly. I generally use mostly Assist 2 going and use more 3 coming back. But now that I reprogrammed max speed to 27 kl/hr, I haven't tested the range, but because Assist 3 is using...
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    Some learnings after the first 100 miles

    I agree with the above. Basically you have a bike that is relying on cadence sensing alone, versus high end bikes that include cadence, wheel speed, and torque sensing (plus shift sensing for Bosch). These high end bikes give you a much more consistent level of assist throughout all speeds at a...
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    What I like to see (or wish) for the 2017 Radrover

    Regarding PAS 2/3, try changing max speed in settings to 27 km/he from the stock 32 km/hr. The difference is AMAZING! Level three becomes golden.
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    Some learnings after the first 100 miles

    I was finding Level 3 to be too much assist, in other words, pedaling too easy because the motor overpowers, especially at lower speeds. The sweet spot in 3 was only at the higher speeds. Level 2 was OK, but not quite enough assist. So I had this thought that if you changed the Max Speed...
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    Radwagon first impressions

    The RadRover is the coolest one in that it has the most torque. The RadCity has a different motor and includes regenerative braking. When I bought my RadRover they said the RadCity was smoother overall with assist and obviously has more speeds. So you will get a little more battey life with...
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    Thudbuster / Body Float

    Nice looking ride!
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    Thudbuster / Body Float

    Mine is a 27.2 (RadRover).
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    Thudbuster / Body Float

    I need the 250 pound size. Thank you.
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    Thudbuster / Body Float

    Does anyone know where I can buy the BodyFloat at a decent price? I've seen it as low as $250, but they only sell at the shop. Thanks. Tom