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    Prodecotech battery questions

    I have a phantom x, had it about a year and a half. When I start riding in morning, after it's charged all night, it has all 3 lights lit for about a mile, then the green light cuts off, about 3 miles into ride the yellow light is out, only the red light will stay on under load. I pedal most all...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Prodeco Tech Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Just a heads up on prodecotech service. I live in gulf and was hit by hurricane Harvey a few months back. A friend grabbed my bike when the storm surge left my house in 4 ft of water. I was loving the fact my bike was saved because my car and truck was flooded, both useless. Only problem was my...
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    A new battery is like $700, all it is is 50 18650 batteries, which you can buy for $2-$3 a piece. I just took the screws out of the battery case and soldered new 18650 batteries to replace the old ones. Cost me about $100 and an hour and a half of my time. That's $400 an hour I saved doing it...