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    anyone know of a single only one ebike platform rack?

    I needed an RV rated bike rack for the back of my travel trailer. Got the Swagman e-spec rack rated to hold two 70# bikes, and left one platform off. Seems very well built at $399 from Haven't had a chance to see how it performs yet, heading cross country in a week or so.
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    Pace 500 Initial Impression and Mini Review

    Robrob, did lowering the speed from 28 to 19 reduce PAS 1 speed also?? I'm 75 and wanted the Pace 500 step thru, which I'm happy with. I just did take it to a bike shop for a front fender, but had them check it out also. For only $30 labor, they adjusted the shifting, and the brakes (they...
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    Slime question?

    Just to verify, if slime is in the tires (mine are 27.5x2.2"), that will NOT affect psi accuracy using a tire gauge, nor will it plug the valve core or the gauge itself?? Since most gauges leak a tad of air when put on the valve stem, why isn't the slime going into the valve core and gauge?
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    Attention Aventon Ebike owners - new FaceBook Owners Group

    I'm not facebook savvy, and while I can post a question there because it has a "post" icon to hit, I can't seem to add a comment to someone else's post. I type in my comment, but don't see a "post" icon anywhere. What's the secret? Great info. there!
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    Slime question?

    Decided to add a puncture resistant liner to my Aventon Pace 500 tires, and carry a can of Slime as a back-up. But, when slime is inside the tires, does it plug up the valve stem when checking PSI and/or plug up the hand pump when used??? Slime is cheaper than a liner!
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    Chain lock discussion wanted

    So, what thickness works OK for majority of theft protection? I'm looking at the Titanker bike chain @ 8mm & 2.5# (3.3ft) for $17 OR the 4 ft. Krptonite Keeper 712 at 7mm & 3.7# for $34. How many here have lost an ebike using these thickness of chains?? Prices at Amazon.
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    Pump, slime, trunk bag advice needed

    Thanks for the recomendations. Thinking of the Pro Bike pump w/guage, $30 at Amazon. And debating between the Titanker bike chain 8mm at $17 & 2.5#(3.3ft) or the Krptonite Keeper 712 which is 7mm & 48" @ 3.7# for $34. Have heard good things about putting Slime in the tires to seal...
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    Pump, slime, trunk bag advice needed

    Just ordered Aventon Pace 500 ebike. Debating between a smaller trunk bag on bike rack to carry tire pump (need recomendation for up to 50psi), which size slime can (tubed 27.5x2.2 tires), what size trunk bag to carry those items plus small lunch, jacket, cell phone, maybe another water...
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    Pace 500 1st review

    I'd like to do a short test ride on the mid-frame step thru 500 before I buy. I'm on the coast this week (Lincoln city to Tillimook, and back home in Central Oregon after 8/20. anyone in this area have a step thru 500 I could see & short ride?? Second question, I'm 5'11" and wanting to know...
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    Gazelle Medeo T9 vs. Trek Verve+

    Both are close in price and weight. Pros for Medeo is Bosch active line+ motor with higher torque (50nm vs 40nm trek), suspension fork, chain cover and comes in a larger frame for my 5'11". Con is frame flex & fender rattle per Court's review. Pros for Trek is slightly lower price and...
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    Since there's a lot of discussion of the various ebike classes here, has anyone with a Aventon Pace 500 class 3 bike been prevented from riding on any bike trails anywhere in the country?? Does anyone even check? Is stricter enforcement coming?
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    Known Issues & Problems with Aventon Products + Help, Solutions, & Fixes

    I'm 5'11" and interested in both the 350 and 500 in a step thru, which only comes in mid-frame size. Any other taller folks that have been happy with their mid size step thru??
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    People for Bikes: Progress on Ebike Laws in the US

    So, if my first ebike is an Aventon Pace 500 (class 3), are there many bike/rail trails around the country I won't be able to ride on, or just a few? for those that travel with class 3 ebikes, have you ever been stopped on a trail to even have your bike checked for class?? Just wondering.
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    contact protection when battery is removed??

    For downtube battery locations, a blend-in type cover when battery is removed would make the bike look like a regular bike instead of an ebike, making them a smaller target for theft. If all of us bug the manufacturers for battery covers, maybe that might come to pass eventually?
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    Question: Does the Pace 500 say class 3 anywhere on the frame?? If so, are their many bike trails in the country that forbid class 3 ebikes, and if so, how often does anyone check that?? Are there also trails that forbid class 2 ebikes??