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    BionX D series -- first impressions

    This motor is a beast! I'm curious, how much rider/cargo weight do you place on the bike? I think that the weight my bike is carrying probably reduces battery time. My battery discharges even when I don't use it for a few days. Do they all do that?
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    D 500 wheel weight rating

    Demo it first! My bike weighs 48 lbs, but I was surprised by how heavy it feels. I bought it because I need a folding bike that can go where I go, but moving this thing around is strengthening my back...
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    D 500 wheel weight rating

    I'm 240 and tow a Burley Travois typically loaded to a total weight on the bike of around 300 lbs. I've had no spoke or axle problems, but since the trailer attaches to the seat post rather than the rear axle (like a Bob) in addition to some of the weight rolling on the trailer wheels, maybe my...
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    BionX D series throttle /versus level 4

    I haven't used the throttle, yet. I feel the power really kick in on 2- I ride against the governor at ~21 mph everywhere except on significant inclines. Levels 3 and 4 provide more assist than I need most of the time. I should try the throttle, but I'm stingy about battery use. The amount of...
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    Did the bike shop that mounted my D-series kit mess up its programming?

    Hello all- I just bought the D-series kit for a Montague Paratrooper. The shop that mounted the kit "adjusted" the programming, supposedly to improve hill-climbing performance. The rear wheel does not spin freely as Court's demo did in the video review- mine spins without cogging for about 2-3...