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    Vado touring?

    Sounds like a blast! Have fun! will any of your route be through areas with no cell service? If so you might consider a garmin inreach for emergencies- this also allows your friends and family to watch your route and keep an eye on you etc I have actually seen some for rent in various places...
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    Just Ordered THE FIRST EVER Fat Tire Watt Wagon!

    Wow, super cool!!!!
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    Mid-drive vs hub motor: Experiences

    Unknown wagon I have not ridden their cargo bike and it may have a different motor than my radrover or radmini but for what you are describing I am sure it would work great Think I saw one on Craigslist for sale in Phoenix not long ago
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    Mid-drive vs hub motor: Experiences

    I ride all over Arizona and a rad bike would be fine for Tucson, I saw four of them on the loop two days ago 😀 Which rad power bike are you considering? And where around Tucson do you plan to ride it, they might not be awesome out on any of the mountain bike trails with steeper hills but...
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    GoCycle shipping

    Thanks for the feedback, I am looking around for lightweight folders
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    GoCycle shipping

    Wondering how you are liking the bike so far
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    Help selecting comfort handlebars for eMTB - BH Rebel Lynx PWX

    I had Jones bars on one bike with the Ergon grips edit seemed bone but I’m pretty sure Ergon is making grips specifically for the Jones bar now
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    Ortlieb Ultimate 6 handlebar bag mount does not work around some displays

    been meaning to update this ended up using the regular ortlieb mount not the ebike, it still does not fit great we could not get my display to work on the extensions, so pushed out the display brackets a little and managed to fit it in between, but it does have pressure on the brackets which...
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    my impressions of the radius tour

    bought one of these a while back and have finally gotten a few rides in on it have to say I am impressed, am running my tires at 35psi and with the body float it is a really smooth stable ride for a 20 inch bike that being said I am using it only for pretty good paved bike paths and a little...
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    Ebike Sightings | What are you seeing?

    I see them all the time on the loop in tucson Every year more and more On a nice weather day maybe every 4-5th bike is an ebike now
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    Choosing Between the Rad Rover Step Through or Rad City Step Through

    Imo it may not be a bug but is indicative of a low cost crappy controller, and is a lot of the reason cadence bikes get such a bad rap I think most of the bafang mid drives can be programmed and some of the hub motors if you have the right controller But some companies just program their bikes...
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    Choosing Between the Rad Rover Step Through or Rad City Step Through

    Yes you can work around it or you can just buy a bike that is better programmed or is programmable There is no reason for the bikes to have these crappy programmed controllers at this stage of the game Maybe mike can chime in on whether aventon and magnum have worked on this for 2020 think he...
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    Looking for Bafang Ultra tuning software

    Works with my ultra and the torque page is there I have not done much with it but seems like it will work good
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    Choosing Between the Rad Rover Step Through or Rad City Step Through

    One thing about all these entry level online order bikes is the controllers are sometimes not well done, meaning they can be very fast in level 1 For me this is an issue and I don’t like/won’t buy a bike like that Haven’t ridden any of the new rad bikes but think they have worked on this and...
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    Killer Slopes

    thanks Ahicks, good to know about the bafang motors