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    Removing the speed limit of 20 miles/hr

    The motor is wound for 20 mph. The power tapers off after that. If you install a 52V battery and change your speed limiter to 40 kph you may get about 4 more mph on top end if you're not too heavy. I did this at first with my Radrover and am 185 lbs. You can change the cassette to change your...
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    Radwagon worked for 5 miles :(

    @Lost Found that out the hard way. Maybe with them owning Chrysler now their engineering and quality will improve.
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    New tires and rotating tires on Rad Rover

    @Lost Yeah. I would drop it by a couple of inches. The stock tires are actually 29" inflated. Hookworms are true 26" inflated. You'll notice more torque and acceleration for sure. Play around with the diameter settings until the bike rides the way you want it to. I would prefer this over a true...
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    Maxxis Hookworms

    No worries
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    Maxxis Hookworms

    @Sai Kodi I did 60a and run schrader valves on heavy duty downhill tubes in my hookworms. Your links look good btw.
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    New tires and rotating tires on Rad Rover

    @racer831 I run about 25 psi as well. 180 lb. rider at 5'8"
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    Tire options for RadMini? Rack options?

    @Fred in Seattle Sounds like a plan. The RPB frames lend themselves well to mid-drive conversions.
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    New tires and rotating tires on Rad Rover

    @vincent No problem. Never hurts to be too careful. Peace of mind counts for something when your miles away from home.
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    Radwagon worked for 5 miles :(

    Wow. I should have bought a diesel Passat back in 2013 when I bought my Fiat 500 Abarth new. I could have had a better deal. I traded it last June with 44K miles on it for $10.500 after I paid $26,000 for it ($27,300 was retail and it had every package available at the time).
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    New tires and rotating tires on Rad Rover

    @vincent Be careful not to get pinch flats running low psi. Especially if you are like me and a little thick around the midsection. I run heavy duty downhill tubes, thick rim liners, and tuffy tire liners.
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    Securing the RadMini?

    @mobiker Here is the solution you are looking for:
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    Woot! for empty case with dock. Took about an hour to swap mine out. See my post on here for more info.
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    New Reflexes...

    @BVC too funny