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    Next gen Monte Capro

    Ah man, I should have waited LOL
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    Do I really need motor cut brake levers?

    I ended up installing inline king meter hwbs sensors. They work great, and I get to have my nice Avid levers.
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    MonteCapro brake upgrade

    Thanks, I can never leave well enough alone. 90% of my fun is customizing things. If I had to do it again, I would have got the BB7 road callipers vs the mtb callipers, as they are designed for a shorter pull. Then I wouldn't have had to change the levers.
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    montecapro delay due to damage during transport??

    Sorry to here that! I received mine the beginning of this month. Did you email Roshan directly?
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    Mongoose Full suspension Mt. Bike with custom made talll handle bars and 48v 1000w DIY kit

    I call "Joke" As I see 2 rear shocks, some random spring, wires that go nowhere, etc.
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    Help with squeak or chirp on front disk brake.

    Sounds like s warped rotor to me. Your LBS can straighten it
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    MonteCapro brake upgrade

    I live in an area that has some very steep hills. The Tektro brakes that came on the bike worked fine for flats, but struggled on the hills. My first thought was just to replace the calipers with some Avid BB7 mtn. However this was a big fail. The bafang ebrake lever do not have long enough...
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    5000 Mile World Record e-Bike Ride

    Awesome! My only question is, I thought it was 30 days or less to break the record. Won't this be 31 days? Just curious. Ether way it an awesome achievement! I couldn't even imagine how sore my butt would be after 200 miles! It's sore after 20 miles LOL
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    Light Electric Motorcycles

    Bikes in general are very expensive, at least good ones. This is because quality bikes are really a small niche market. So many cheap bikes flooding the market, makes quality components more expensive. I would venture to guess that most bikes purchased are hardly ever ridden. Companies know...
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    Do I really need motor cut brake levers?

    I think that may be my answer. Thanks!
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    Do I really need motor cut brake levers?

    I replaced the brakes and rotors on my Bafang Max drive bike. However the Bafang levers do not have enough pull for my new Avid BB7 calipers. My idea was to get some proper Avid FR7 levers I know will work. So do I really need motor cuts outs? Or does anyone know who makes a proper mountain...
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    Biktrix full-suspension purpose-built ebike

    Guy, You may want to go through the suspension bolts on the rear suspension and swingarm. Mine did not have any lock-tight and they became very loose. This may have been just mine, but its always a good idea to check all the bolts are torqued and lock-tight anywhere there is a pivot point...
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    $35 Action Cam August 9 Sale

    Humm shows $42 for me, guess deal is over
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    Rear Shock Replacement

    I replaced my ebike shock with a coil. I went with the same spring rate, but the new shock has actual adjustable dampening. The original just seemed like a spring with no dampening at all. The new shock rides much more plush. The adjustable damping can be adjusted (slow to fast) for the...