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    tail lights

    I buy disposables on eBay direct from China or Hong Kong. They are held on by an elastic strap, no problem, cost about a buck each.
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    BBS02 V2

    No, I have no further information, but I am interested. Maybe someone else does?
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    BBS02 V2

    Looks like rumors of the BBS02's death are premature:
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    Strange Confrontation at e-MTB Demo (Cops called)

    "Strange" is too kind of a word George. More something like A****** . Probably fearful of mountain bike trails being shut down. Seems like so many haters are coming from a place of fear in this world.
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    New Pedego Ridge Rider Coming With A 14 Instead of 11 Amp Battery . . .

    No doubt it has the power to go up killer hills, in fact, power to almost level those hills. But you might not like the weight of that hub motor in the rear wheel when you are in the technical stuff.
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    Pedal assist VS Throttle?

    Cool! That's what makes it a forum! Perhaps "toy" was too strong of a word. Look at the quality systems from Bosch, for example, with pedal assist that give your legs that "Superman" feeling. I guess I would try to say in short: I think pedal assist is what electric bicycles are about; smooth...
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    FYI Lunacycle is having July 4th sale

    You make excellent points Court J. I'm sure you're right that a lot of the problems with the 02's nylon gearing and the controller are due to user error. I believe that you're also correct that many name-brand e-bikes have reliability issues of one sort or another as well, some with numerous...
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    Rear Motor power

    Eric, you don't mention the drive configuration. A mid drive will climb hills better even if it has less power, due to leveraging the gears.
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    FYI Lunacycle is having July 4th sale

    The newer version HD makes this allegedly unreliable motor a "clearance item".
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    New Pedego Ridge Rider Coming With A 14 Instead of 11 Amp Battery . . .

    Nicer on road, not so good off. But we mostly all ride paved anyway!
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    Pedal assist VS Throttle?

    Pedal-assist only is fine. Throttle is more of a toy.
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    Bike Starts Losing Top Speed as Battery Depletes . . . Is This Normal or Acceptable?

    No worries! Lower assist setting perhaps? It's a learning curve. Have fun!
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    Tell me your thoughts on my first eBike Build...

    It sounds like you are on a much better track then when you first posted, and that mid drive will certainly handle hills ... that is the mid drive specialty!
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    Bulls E-stream

    Ravi, I guess you put it well. A good bike for someone fit, or young, to ride. I am older. I rode a couple bikes with the E-rad kit installed (Bafang), one MTB 750w, one cargo bike, 1000w - that's what I think an ebike should feel like! We also rode some Bosch powered bikes today, and even they...